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A Look Ahead - PS3

2008 was a fine year for the Playstation 3. Having emerged from the shadows of Microsoft's big white box, the Playstation 3 finally lived up to the hype that Sony had promised.

What with the exclusive titles such as Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear Solid 4 making an impact on Sony's latest machine, 2009 is promising be an interesting year. (PS3)

chaosatom  +   2002d ago
They forgot Uncharted 2 and heavy rain.
And Mass Effect, ok, ok , i kid. We don't know anything about that yet.

I am guessing that if they are including Multiplatform, then they missed a lot of things. Exclusives alone will empty gamers' pocket :(
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Cajun Chicken  +   2002d ago
This will be the best year of the PS3 EVER, in my opinion because of the multiplat situation now where like with games on the PS2, the game also came out on the XBOX, the same is happening this gen after a good few years.
And theres some hella interesting multiplats this year. Then to make things crazier, two of my favourite first party developers are releasing a game in the same year like back in 2007. I'm talking Ratchet: Future 2 and Uncharted 2 the prequels were and still are my fav games on PS3.
Then theres more PS3 exclusives. LBP expansions and the such.

I mean, its seriously like overload with the PS3 this year. I also can't wait for new firmware updates.

Whatever anyone says, its going to have a GREAT year.
CrazzyMan  +   2002d ago
You never know what AWESOME games will be released in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2013, 2014 and maybe 2015. =)

Developers are only getting better with PS3 hardware, that what GG made with KZ2, they did it ONLY on 2nd PS3 year of life.

I`m more then sure, KZ3 will look even better, than KZ2 - best looking FPS todate. =)
Cajun Chicken  +   2002d ago
Goes without saying!
DavidMacDougall  +   2002d ago
No sony take your boot of Microsofts head they need air!
unicorndeathcamp  +   2002d ago
dude, its a video game system RELAX.

makes ya look kinda silly talking like that ya know..

it not even like its a person, its something you have to pay for haha
Nathan Drake  +   2002d ago
Confirmed Ps3 exclusives in 2009 are as follows:
Heavy Rain,KillZone 2,InFamous,Quantum Theory,White Knight Chronicles(US+EU releases),Fat Princess.

Unconfirmed Ps3 exclusives that WILL come out in 2009:
Gran Turismo 5:The Real Driving Simulator,David Jaffes game(Rumored to be a shooter of some sort.

Obviously there's a ton more coming for the Ps3,from Splinter Cell to the casual Eye Pet,there will be no shortage of games for the Ps3 crowd this year.
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games4fun  +   2002d ago
how ironic Nathan Drake forgets UNCHARTED lol
Nathan Drake  +   2001d ago
It's a 2018 game,like Too Human 2 :P

UNCHARTED 2:Among Thieves for 2009 as well!
Panthers  +   2001d ago
I hope Jaffes game is Twisted Metal, although I doubt that will be in 09
ZILLA  +   2002d ago
halo3,gears of war2 and left for dead all put together dosent equal the masterpiece shooter called............KILLZONE2!!! period
unicorndeathcamp  +   2002d ago
why you have 1 bubble...

OH YEAHHHHH..... comments like that.
Zolin  +   2002d ago
09 = the year M$ and master chief got Killzowned...
Jackass Tretton   2002d ago | Spam
isucksonydick  +   2001d ago
a look ahead of 09 ps3#### saying 2010 is the year of the ps3
Spike47  +   2001d ago
Sony has the right cards to do better they just need to use them right
I could care less if they win the console war, there will probably be a PS4 and another xbox.
ForROME  +   2001d ago
Im Waiting for Alien Colonial Marines.......Bring It!
snowy1185  +   2001d ago
Keep the Games Coming!! :D
isucksonydick  +   2001d ago
and we won't buy them
butterfinger  +   2001d ago
are probably one of the saddest people on this site. How many HHG-hating accounts did you make today? If you got a real problem with him, why don't you send him a PM instead of annoying everyone on the site with your offensive name and nonsensical comments. I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that you wouldn't dare open your mouth to HHG if you saw him on the street. Have fun hiding behind your computer.

ON TOPIC: The PS3's lineup is already looking stellar for 2009 as it was for 2008, and a price cut should obviously spur more sales. I'm hoping that we get to see some more good FW updates as well.
Kyur4ThePain  +   2001d ago
"why don't you send him a PM instead "
Because this guy is a coward.
indyman77  +   2001d ago
Sony had better take note of CircuitCity. Lie one time to many, and the masses will catch on and stop coming there. I know the reason I stopped going to that store is they will have 4 games in stock and have a sale, only on that game but will carry many of the others. Some times they will have a catch not written in the ad. Other times they just did not honor a ad. Happened to all my friends. Plus they had inferior prices, just like Sony has inferior graphics. They better deliver this time! Note that does not mean I believe them (only a fool will fall for the same lie three times!) cough killzone2 cough! But the graphics had better at least be nearly as good as some of the best previous xbox360 games. Sure their are blind fans but those are becoming far, and in between, also those are aging, and have less time, and money for the hobby. No more undeserved hype please!
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pippoppow  +   2001d ago
Lie like MS
RROD fiasco which they lied about and downplayed. Hidden pay to play fee on unsuspecting consumers. Overpriced proprietary accessories. Yeah MS is a fountain of good business ethics.
No FanS Land  +   2001d ago
I think that honestly, 2008 was the (infamous) year of the PS3, because it went from a blu-ray player with an overpiced games machine to actually a console with the implementation of in-game XMB, trophies, software based PS store, instead of web based until FW 2.30 I think and other features, like PS3 lead development for multiplats. Of course good games this time around. (2007 IMO was pretty a sloppy year for the PS3 except some first party games)

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