XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii Power Consumption Report

The war between the three major consoles continues on. So far this year, Wii is winning the sales war, followed by XBOX 360, with PS3 trailing not far behind. Are any of these consoles power-hogs? Is the tiny Wii really that much more efficient than the big boys? Most likely the results of these tests won't sway your judgement, but they still may be interesting to look at.

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techie4287d ago

So not only is the Wii cheaper, but you're saving money when you are playing it when compared to other next-gen systems.

ChickeyCantor4286d ago

aaaaaaaah you must be the spoiled rich kid........>_<

spacetoilet4287d ago

The Wii is like an energy saving light bulb!

timmyp534286d ago

looks like the XB and PS3 are pretty even despite previous speculation ,right? Please don't kill me.

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