Sony reveals Aussie PS3 demo pods

During the official media and business partner launch for the PlayStation 3, Sony Australia boss Michael Ephraim revealed that the firm has devoted AU$6 million to marketing the new console, which launches next month.

After the event had concluded, PALGN had an opportunity to go into a room full of PS3 demo pods with a selection of games from the Australian launch line-up. A Sony rep confirmed for us that the pods used at the event will be the offical ones to be distributed to stores.

Recently, Harvey Norman received some negative press after they used an Xbox 360 to play PS3 videos as part of an in-store display. It's good to know that Sony will have some official display cases to stop this happening again. However, even though the consoles in the cases looked real, they had DUMMY CONSOLE written in big letters on the top.

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Master of Menace4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

I have played Resistance on a PS3 setup at Harvey Norman, and it looks spectacular. The asisstant however told the game was running at 1080P. I since confirmed the game runs only in 720P. To think you can get a game twice as clear as Resistance. Incredible. The TV they had was a 1080P TV.