IBM Helps Devs Squeeze PS3 Power

High Moon Studios (Darkwatch) tells Next-Gen that engineers from Cell processor collaborator IBM are helping the game developer harness the power of the PS3's advanced brains.

"We've been talking to Sony for almost two years now, but they didn't create the Cell," Keith said. "They created the architecture for the PS3 and they've created a lot of the developer libraries. We've had access to those [Sony] engineers… but they're not the hardware engineers. We want to hit [the Cell] on all fronts. We're talking to the guys [IBM] who designed this chip and have been working on it for five years now."

Figuring out the PS3's Cell processor and its multiple processing elements would be easier with the help of the people that actually created the chip, High Moon chief technical officer Clinton Keith told Next-Gen in a phone interview.

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no_more_heroes4286d ago

since it seems like they are in serious need of help.

bung tickler4286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

perhaps sony should have used a developer friendly cpu designed for gaming and not one that is as many devs are saying "horrible" to program for and designed primarily for number-crunching.

maxdaddy20014285d ago (Edited 4285d ago )

Cpu's are designed to crunch numbers. Binary code is a series of 1's and 0's that make up numbers.

shotty4286d ago

My question is why? why spend billions making something different when they could have went with something similar to the xbox 360 and end up with similar power and have it more developer friendly.

THAMMER14286d ago (Edited 4286d ago )

OH crap. Dose it really matter any more. Do Sony fan boys even care about how the graphics on the PS3 games turn out? As long as the box is black and says Sony on it they will be O.K. Developers who are making PS3 games should not even care or waist money on getting this guy evolved.

PS3 fan boys know the PS3 graphical capabilities are not as good as the 360's. They seem to like to spread lies about it. I even have proof here.

They were even low enough to say that a game that under performs looks more realistic. OMG we have a problem HUSTON.

Listen to what the guys says at the end of the video.

copy and paste this link.

peksi4286d ago

I don't know about real fans but I intend to wait and see what PS3 evolves into, compare the console to others and buy the one that pleases me most. And not join with children arguing whose console is the best.

But on the contrary to what you're saying I think 360 fans are more obsessed by their consoles. Look at PS3 forums and see how many 360 fans are there just mocking (which I still don't understand), don't see that happening as much on the other direction. The absurdity is increased by the fact that the console is still very young and hasn't demoed it's potential - yet the mocking has been going on for over a year now and has lacked any facts. But of course there are kids on both sides, equally deficient in mental matureness.

I shall lower myself to this toy arguing no more. Just enjoy your consoles and be glad over everything that comes available.

True Gamer4286d ago

I gave you positive feedback for that comment. :)

techie4286d ago

Hm. What I find amusing is that all these gamers - motly people who have a 360 are on here. I'm just waiting to get my ps3 once I finish uni and I won't need to come on here anymore, except look out for a game here and there. I really don't understand why 60 fanboys feel so threatened.

We all know that there's a lot to get out of the ps3 - the cell that was meant to take the place of both cpu and gpu (didn't turn out that way.) I'm surprised they haven't done this kind of thing with IBM before.

We've all seen the jump in quality of games in the ps2 (and ps1's) life time - these consoles seem to have a lot of untapped power in them - imagine that God of War was a launch title for the ps2 - people would be amazed - but it doesn't work out like that, it takes time.

And although I think a lot more can be tapped out of the 360 I think the ps3 is hiding its power a whole lot better- which is bad for now, but good for the future.

Devastator_oftheweak4285d ago

I gotta say that if you believe that Microsoft has built this great, absolutely F**king amazing machine you are sadly mistaken. Microsoft built a machine that harnesses a little power but limits what you can truly do. So it may be easier for the devs to program for the 360 at the moment, well whoopie. PS3 is a little harder to program for, a challenge for devs to conquer. If they could do it for the PS2 they can do it for the PS3. I own both systems, on both platforms, ie. PS2 and XBOX, 360 and PS3. PS3 has a chance to be great and just because it entered its lifecycle you cut it down because it doesn't play Gears of war and the [email protected] game Halo. Hate to tell you but PS3 is going to be phenomenal, it has a 10 year lifecycle, PS2 had a 5 year lifecycle, and its still doing great. Microsoft's XBOX has a 4 year life cycle, and then it was dumped in the graveyard because Bill Gates can't commit to more than one thing at a time.

I hate the 360 fanboys who look at all news from Sony camp as just bad news and downgrade sony on their accomplishments. Give them their credit, just because you bend over for Bill doesn't mean the rest of us do as well. I will credit 360 as being a good machine, but it lacks so much, larger hard drive for one, Larger storage media for devs to build on. come on wake up and smell what Bill has been shoveling to you, or you could just stay who you are, open wide and take more of his sh*t down your throat.

The 360 was a rushed launch, face it thats why the system is so damn loud, is constantly having more updates than PS3 and why the backward compatability is limited. Grow up and expand your thinking.

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Say's you4286d ago

The real people that created the chip is all 3 if he is that smart he would have figured that out by now! there weren't one company that was working on the chip by themselve's is this guy for real? or what?.

shysun4286d ago

He said he wanted to tackle the cell from all fronts...IE:Sony.IBM,Toshiba.D id you read the story?

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