Kobe Bryant and Dikembe Mutombo Try the PlayStation 3

According to Harold Goldberg of VH1, both basketball stars Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers and Dikembe Mutombo of the Houston Rockets have played the next-generation console from Sony. Kobe Bryant, after dropping by at the Playstation Parlor of the Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, played the same game that sports him on the cover: SCEA's NBA '07.

Bryant enjoyed playing the game that modeled physics and players with frightening realism. He had difficulty in playing the Skills Challenge, even up against Dwyane Wade in the same challenge a little while later. At least in simulation, Bryant still wins.

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Nowitzness3893d ago

someone famous also has played the X-box 360 and the Wii, making them far superior systems to the Playstation so go buy one immediately...that is all

Marriot VP3893d ago

I've been waiting for Kobe to buy the PS3 before I got one. I just had to be sure, yah know.

SuperSaiyan43893d ago

*raises eyebrow* this is news?

wildcat3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Whoever submitted such a waste of time should be banned for forcing people to read it. Oh wait....

grifter0243892d ago

HEHE funny "Frightening Realism" funny.. He just played it because brand name but whatever this was a waste of an article and I dont know who approved it pathetic.

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