Incognito presentation went well with Sony

Warhawk developer has a successful meeting with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Dylan Jobe of Incognito Entertainment, the folks who brought us Twisted Metal and most recently the online-only Warhawk, has been teasing his Twitter feed with talk of a new meeting with Sony.

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TheHater3502d ago

So when are we going to see there new game? I can't wait to see what it going to be

gaffyh3502d ago

Personally I'd like to see them do something completely different to Warhawk and Twisted Metal

Tapewurm3502d ago

A Single Player Story Mode would be nice. I want to take down some of those mother ships in the early vids....also the battles in those vids just looked epic. Would be a nice addition to an already great game.

BulletToothtony3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

why would sony say it's ok to keep making games if they're gonna stop producing the ps3 in 2 months!!

That fanboy' common sense is as dumb as The Mart's comments.

Panthers3502d ago

I thinks its going to be another big vehicle shooter game.

pain777pas3502d ago

New franchise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThanatosDMC3502d ago

I want Warhawk to have mechs, more ships the size of drop ships, 64 people at least, gigantic maps, and a capital ship like in BF2142.

acedoh3501d ago

online game... I know it may not be stellar like COD or Resistance but it's just a lot of fun. Warhawk was home to many great battles and the pace is like no other game I have ever played. I am really looking forward to what they can put out next.

Helghast3501d ago

That reminds me of M.A.G.. I hope we see more of M.A.G. soon.

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kharma453502d ago

So we just skip out Warhawk 2 then? xD

PotNoodle3502d ago

The warhawk on the PS3 is the second one, the first warhawk was on the PS1.

Max Power3502d ago

we can safely assume you are a young gamer.

danarc3502d ago

@1.3 and 1.4

True, but Warhawk on ps3 isn't a sequel to that one, more like a rebirth of the franchise, so a sequel to PS3 Warhawk would be given the number 2 (or a subtitle, like Warhawk: ODST :P).

kharma453502d ago

I thought the PS3 Warhawk was a remake of the original game, but online this time?

Panthers3502d ago

The original game is soo different. I wouldnt even call them both warhawk, but hey.

whoelse3502d ago

Warhawk PS3 isn't really a sort of title that you could sequel, especially since its online-only. What would you change for the second, and it wouldn't work suddenly bringing in a storymode if there was none originally.

Na I think they should do a new franchise.

Dino3502d ago

even better visuals and maybe a more realistic art direction.

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pwnsause3502d ago

I wouldnt mind a single player Warhawk

Jamegohanssj53502d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing something without shooting.


Panthers3502d ago

I would like a single player if they made the shooting better when you are on the ground.

Arsenal4Ever3502d ago

I wouldn't mind a full-blown out of proportion Warhawk. Imagine Warhawk using the KZ2 engine 0_0

DA_SHREDDER3502d ago

a fps COD4 style warhawk. That would be a dream come true.

poopsack3502d ago

only without the FPS part :D

thor3502d ago

Yep Warhawk must be 3rd person. I dare say it would be 3rd person for the vehicles anyway (even most FPSs have 3rd person driving).

Sarcasm3502d ago

How about nothing to do with Warhawk, but a third person shooter with Killzone 2 graphics?

Juicy mama

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