Sony 'Very Pleased' with January Sales

Following the latest video game sales data from the NPD, Sony Computer Entertainment America sent the following comments to GameDaily about the performance of its PlayStation products in the U.S. during January:

""We are pleased with the numbers from January as they demonstrate overall sales improvements for our legacy systems year over year and continued momentum for PS3. With supply levels stabilizing, you can expect to see increased marketing for PS3 and PS2 in weekly retail circulars, which should garner strong numbers, boosted by big software launches, such as MotorStorm and Virtua Fighter 5. PSP sales in January were exceptionally strong with the system quickly closing the gap on the leading competitor. All of this led the PlayStation brand to the biggest January sales in the history of the company in North America."

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dragunrising3715d ago

"PSP sales in January were exceptionally strong with the system quickly closing the gap on the leading competitor."

If this doesn't scream bullshi!t than I don't know what does. The PSP will never come close to the DS in terms of units sold per month. I would like to see the numbers sold for each but based on holiday sales, the ratio should stay the same. There is a reason why the next official Dragon Quest game is coming to the DS exclusively: The DS has outsold every console and handheld since the DS lite was introduced.

This is another example of Sony saying a bunch of non-sense. Sony should realize that gamers are catching them in their lies and they will lose the console wars (already losing the handheld wars).

One last thing to note: original games seem to becoming more common. Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Gears of War, etc are examples of this. This is only my opinion but I believe that the industry has more creativity (and is better off) when Sony is NOT the dominant console. Just make a list of all the PS3 sequels from existing properties and you'll understand.

Metal Gear Solid 4
Final Fantasy 13
More Final Fantasy...
Devil May Cry 4
Grand Turismo 5

I'm sure we could add to the list...

Bathyj3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

You act like Sony has the only console with sequels on it, yet you obviously like the console that Halo built. As soon as Gears of War became a hit they announced part 2 and 3 to come. Sequels are part of the industry and unlike movies each one is usually better.
But since you were making a list of PS3 games you could have mentioned:
Heavenly Sword
Assasins Creed
Heavy Rain
Cipher Complex
The Darkness
Dark Sector
Rouge Warrior
All original IP's and all looking great but they wouldn't have backed up you biased opinion.

And everyone knows PSP will never catch DS. Nintendo dont just dominate the handheld market, they OWN it and have for 20 years. Thats what kept them alive for the last 2 generations. Does that mean Sony shouldn't even compete cos they know they cant win? Just pack up their bat and ball and go home like M$ did with XB1? What happened to competition being good for industry?

Too much hate Dude.

nix3715d ago

i think he WAS blinded by the sun... lol... q:

Maldread3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Just to add to Bathyj`s comments, since when was a sequel a bad thing as long as it does something really great ? Do you judge a game because of the number behind it ? My favorite games are Final Fantasy 7 and MGS1 both sequels. And last i checked Resident Evil 4 or God of War 2 wasn`t bad either. I don`t mind new IPs, but there isn`t anything wrong with a continuance as long as it improves on the original is it ?

dragunrising3714d ago

I still stick to my comment and opinion. In general, the PS2 years were known for their sequels. If this is not true than why have their been so many articles talking about innovation needed in next gen games. People like sequels but to an extent. I'm glad that everyone can agree to disagree but I approve of your list:
Heavenly Sword
Assasins Creed
Heavy Rain
Cipher Complex
The Darkness
Dark Sector
Rouge Warrior

The only thing I would like to point out is that the biggest games coming to PS3 are sequels. That is the whole basis of my argument. 360 has Halo 3- a sequel of sequels, true. Wii has a million "sequels" but Nintendo makes everything seem new. Also, your list includes a majority of games which are multiplatform. Sony is aware that original IPs are working on the 360 and is making the appropriate changes in order to compete. I am not bashing Sony for innovation but only saying that their dominance was not good for original IPs. The more exclusive original games for the PS3 the better (and better reason to buy it). You have to admit though that competition is responsible for innovation and creativity.

Bathyj3714d ago

You worded yourself alot better that post, and come off alot better for it. My hat off to you.

I still think you are holding Sony responsible for an issue that affects the whole industry. People have always been crying out for more creative ideas. This is nothing new. Its hard to come up with the next big thing. Believe me, everyone wants to. This is not unique to Sony or any one company. I think more than anything the bugets involve in games these days and the man power that goes into them make it so Dev's and publishers often take the safe option. There's so much at stake. A high budget flop could ruin a company and cost hundreds of jobs. If you dont believe it look at the movie industry which is virtually in the same boat. So many generic, formularic ideas. Its not so much whats the next big idea for them but rather wheres the next big area we're going to rip off. Comic books, games, Japanese horror films. Where's the next big hit? Whats tried and trued. If you really want inovation in gaming I'm going to keep my eye on PSN. I love that they are not just releasing old games, but making original content for it. Flow looks awesome. Something different. Less a game and more an experience. Did I read that somewhere? I'm not sure, they should use it if I just made it up. Because the budgets are so small for these games and it was made with about 10 people, they are really free to try whatever they want. If its not good, its not a big loss. But who knows what might surface in this kind of dev environment. It could be something so simple that just takes the world by storm like Guitar Heros. What a simple, awesome game.

Finally just one more thing. If the industry really is starving for innovation, then its not enought to just blame hardware companies. Developers have to step up and bring new things to the table. They are the ones creating the games afterall. Consoles are mearly a platform for games to be launch from. If the games are stale they need to accept their share of responsibility for it and move to rectify.

techie3714d ago

ALso the reason you think sequels are ps3's biggest games is because that's ll you know about. You don't know how good a new IP is going to be until it is released. There are SOOOO many great original games coming out on the ps3 and I know Sony is going to market them well.

They are relying on games like Lair, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and many others.

The reason why sequels look like they are the big games, is because they are built on expectations to meet the big games of before. That's why the expectations of Halo3 are so high, and MGS4. Don't expect Sony not to market their orignal Ip's - you can see a whole bunch on the IGN list.

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Bathyj3715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

So basically all the money their games division lost in their last finacial quarter due to launching a console, which had kids everywhere cheering that Sony would go bankrupt, they made back in one month. I'm actually surprised they did so well straight after Christmas. Feb will probably be similar or maybe dip a little, but everyone knows March and April are going to be huge.

30 sleeps to go.

tomfoolery3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

playstation brand.Never bought one, never will!!!!
Am i biased.....F##K yeh!
Sony is a marketing video game cut throat anti christ!
Glad to see they may lose this stupid war.

I mean,playstation is, and always will be the worst title for a brand
GAYSTATION IS MORE IN ORDER...........don't you agree?

Bathyj3714d ago

Nope, sorry I dont. Playstation is the name that provided competitions for TV to the mainstream. Which Station would you rather be watching? The one you play. No disrespect to Ninty or Sega but Wii is the worst name for a console followed by Dreamcast. Jaguar is probably the best.

Just out of curiosity, why do you hate Sony so much if you've never even had a PS. You realised you've missed alot of good games for whatever the reason is dont you?

techie3714d ago

Playstation means gaming to me - it's like evryone calls their mp3player an Ipod...

I think the only place where this is changing is in the states where people say xbox.

Gaystation? Grow up.

MaximusPrime3714d ago

It may have started off slowly due to stock issues and a controversial price, but after the PlayStation brand scored its best January performance ever, the company believes the PS3 is finally out of the gates and picking up momentum in the next-gen showdown.

NPD sales data for January puts the total of PlayStation 3 consoles at 243,554 in North America, helping the PlayStation business record revenues US $550 million (EUR 419m) during the five weeks of the month.

"We are pleased with the numbers from January as they demonstrate overall sales improvements for our legacy systems year over year and continued momentum for PS3," said David Karraker, director of corporate communications for SCEA.

Admitting the issues of restricted supply at retail, Sony believes the channel is finally getting regular stock, and coupled with increased marketing and a strong line-up of titles, the PlayStation brand as a whole is set to rocket in 2007.

"With supply levels stabilising, you can expect to see increased marketing for PS3 and PS2 in weekly retail circulars, which should garner strong numbers, boosted by big software launches, such as MotorStorm and Virtua Fighter 5," commented Karraker.

According to Sony, tie-ratios for the PS3 have improved by 80 per cent since launch. The company has also finally kick started its marketing campaigns with leading US retailers BestBuy and Target
Sales data from NPD put the PlayStation 3 in third place throughout January, with the Nintendo Wii shifting 436,000 units and the Xbox 360 selling 294,000 units.

Sony is also bullish about the performance of the PSP in the handheld sector, claiming it is closing the gap on the market-leading Nintendo DS and pinning sales hopes on titles such as the forthcoming Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters.

"PSP sales in January were exceptionally strong with the system quickly closing the gap on the leading competitor," said Karraker.
Despite touting the PS3 figures, sales of the PlayStation 2 were still higher than the next-gen console, reaching 299,352 units, a year-over-year increase of 20 per cent.
The current generation system still has a handful of blockbuster titles due in the first half of this year in the US and Europe, including God of War 2 and Okami.

Torch3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

with Sony's claim that the PS3 is gaining momentum...I can feel the public's love for the system increasing over the recent four weeks.

Not only is this apparent by the increasing upsurge of positive media coverage for the PS3, but also - and probably more accurately - via forum comments: My impression is a drastic decrease in anti-Sony fanboyism, and an increase in others coming out of the closet, so to speak, and actually expressing genuine excitement, and anticipating good things to come for Sony's black box.

I have absolutely no doubt that the PS3 will do well this generation (I don't buy into all this babyish "Winner/Loser" nonesense, like it's some sort of contest). What I don't have a good feeling for is the PSP, because it's an absolutely spectacular little machine. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that the lack of developer support will be it's demise, which would be a real shame.

Master of Menace3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

PS3 fans having a discussion about the PS3, and hardly any XBOX fanboys in sight. Except for tomfoolery and co. who thinks Sony are lying about the figures. The figures don't lie. The PS3 is selling in large numbers. And that's with a supply shortage and higher price. If that doesn't prove brand loyalty is strong, I don't what does. So what if some PS3's are on the shelf for a day. The next day they are gone! The XBOX 360 took 5 months from launch to sell the same numbers, it just doesn't have the same brand loyalty.

Torch3714d ago

Don't jinx it...or give any disgruntled folks a reason (i.e, comparative statistics) to pick a futile fight!

...Keep the peace, man...keep the peace!

Master of Menace3714d ago

I come to this site to talk about Playstation with people who love it, and end up defending it somehow. Generally, with someone who is unhappy with their console. I think they are desperately trying to justify their purchase. I know. I should keep the peace, but it's hard.

nix3714d ago

you're already throwing enough hints now... don't even mention another console.. i'm beginning to appreciate peace. ah...

i went to the xbox360 side and checked their "xbox360 sold...." story.. so far only less than 10 people have commented. it looks like no person who likes PS3 bothers to go there to flame it.

Master of Menace3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Only kidding! Only thirty sleepless nights to go. March 23rd. Darn, I just have to say this to "blind from the sun's" comments down below. I care about the numbers because I'm a fan, and I want to see it do well, O.K. Question answered. Cross over now and save some time, oops. Hey, why are you so concerned about the numbers? Oh, that's right you're a confessed Sony hater. Says it all.

Bathyj3714d ago

You notice Xbox fanboys hardly every talk about their Xbox or what they like about it? Xbox fanboys like to talk about PS3 failing or Sony dying or the framerate isnt as good on the latest port that came from the 360. PS3 fanboys ( and just fans, for those that still recognise a difference ) like to talk about PS3 a what they like about it and more often then not DEFEND PS3. They rarely feel the need to trash the other guy. There are exceptions of course and to them I would say "Grow up guys, your stepping all over my point" but mostly, I'm right. Seem no matter what side you're on, everyones talking about PS3.

And it not like suddenly PSfans are just going to go "OMG, you're so right. I hate Playstation" Never happen. And you also fail to realise that many of us who do like it, do so because we are just gamers, and also but Xbox's. I said it before, you are never going to turn me off my PS. All you're really doing is making me resent my XB a bit with your irrationality. Sort of counter to your intentions huh?

30 sleeps to go.

dragunrising3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Why do you care so much about how much the PS3 sells? The only number that matters is when it hits 10 million. Before you write me off as an Xbot, I point this out because: historically game consoles do not fail after reaching this number. I am bothered by fanboys who need to reassure themselves of their purchasing decision. They seem overly excited that a large corporation is taking their money. Be excited about games and not statistics. I hate Sony but if they have enough exclusives I might have to cross over to the "dark side." :-p

Bathyj- I respect your rationality. I think that each group of fanboys has a personality of their own and say many things that are negative. We as gamers should appreciate good games and not be so concerned with who is making the box. As for me, I don't consider myself a fanboy but rather a Sony hater. However, I am interested in good games and will probrably get a PS3 one day.

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