All-Out Wars, Button-Mash Free? That's the Goal of "300: March to Glory"

Movie games are big business. They're not always good business, but one cannot deny the potential to cash in on Hollywood's success. Which is why it's strange (and very intriguing) that 300: March to Glory is a PSP exclusive. The developers could have shoveled the game onto as many platforms as possible. But they chose to take another route.

"The main reason for this decision was simply time," said Producer Jeff Nachbaur. "Movie games have a reputation of being poor and we here at WBIE (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) are really trying to fight against that trend.

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specialguest4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

This game looks like a poorly designed game with minimal effort in quality. Why do they continue doing this to the PSP? look at the character model and the simplicity of everything in that game. Being a loyal PSP owner, this pisses me off.