PS3 to haters: Try me!

From "A new world order, it seems, is the order of the day for a lot of console gamers lately. The PS3 has been subject to a lot of criticism and skepticism for being "underwhelming" - that is, it's a bit too pricey, it doesn't have a real answer for the Xbox Live network, the controller is a bit light and doesn't rumble, along with the lack of a real powerhouse title that can transcend genre boundaries and become a true household name. Most of these, of course, came from people who read articles dissing the PS3 but never actually getting empirical analysis."

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SuperSaiyan44314d ago

Once the PS3 costs around £250 and when it has games I want to play, I bought the 360 on launch because it was in my price range and there were games I wanted along with the fact that I am more favourable to the Xbox. I then bought a Wii 1 week after launch and was rather lucky as I walked into a store who had 6 and walked out with one no pre-order lol - bought it because its a superb looking machine with a new angle to the term 'Gameplay' and is feature packed and very well priced although I do feel £180 is still a little too much should have been around £150 imo.

In any case owning all 3 is always the best way to go I guess but not everyone has that kind of resources and these companies rather you just buy their product only so they can have huge cheesy grins that they are better than everyone else...Something Sony are very good at doing and they annoy me a lot in their approach.

Violater4314d ago

how many of these story's will i have to endure, March cannot come too soon, b/c thats when everyone will be singing to s different tune.

dissectionalrr4314d ago

what is in march? motorstorm? let's be real man, it's a pretty racing game, and all racing games are pretty. it's not going to change the world. forza 2 will be just as pretty. so will gt5. it's not a killer app. it's just the most killer app sony has lined up in the immediate future. it's certainly not worth hanging your hat on.

PureGamer4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

try the PS3's Launch in Europe you idiot, where the PS3 is the most pre ordered console ever. The PS3 will sell over here easily Europe loves sony.

to the below its still the most pre ordered console you mong, can you tell me how the 360 sold over here in europe wasnt to good to be exact, and also how do you know the PS3 wont sell as many as the PS2? ok so i can just say this the 360 wont sell as much as the first xbox did

ChickeyCantor4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

err...overated...guess again.
50.000 in the netherlands, and only half of it was preordert.....
with a population of 16.000.000 you would think all would be pre-ordered.

it will sell, but if it will like the PS2? no!.

techie4314d ago

Was reading a magazine recently and they said Motorstorm was the best looking game they had ever seen...and the physics and AI was incredible. Bit of an overstatement, but I think it will be a great system seller.

Also everyone forgets that Resistence is set in the UK!!! With Grimsby and Nottingham! I live in Nottingham and its kinda crazy to think I can run around there killing aliens! Sh't just touring the UK with all these aliens and seeing my home town. We really don't get that over here like you guys in America when you see Spiderman going through the skyscrapers. So that is a system seller in the UK right there!

Also VF5, Formula 1 (meant to be in competition for best looking game on ps3 - gameplay yet to be convinced) and others, of course all the great cross-platform games that a person who doesn't have a console will look and say "sh't!" there's loads of great games. I think its the best launch line-up in a long time.

Price drop pwease!

Bathyj4313d ago

Dude, Motorstorm looks like so much fun. Remember Fun? Its the reason we started playing games. Not to argue over which game has the best HDR lighting or the best normal mapping. It looks amazing but more important it looks entertaining. Its the first racing game I've been really excited about since they announced GT2. And the AI looks hands down the best I've seen in a racing game on any platform or arcade.

As to the article I agree most of the people who complain and whine and post for hours a day, days a week haven't played one. A good game is a good game no matter what the platform. People who hate and only like one console ( I dont care which brand ) aren't real gamers. Why would a real gamer hate a console with good games. And please dont tell me PS3 has no good games, are you that short sighted?

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GaMr-4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

One major fact. Alot and I mean alot of people have never evened tried a PS3. They just heard rumor here speculation their a few crappy articles some bogus biased opinions and hopped right on that "I HATE SONY AND PS3 IS DOOMED" bandwagon. Bro just cause you cant afford it or you like 360 better does not mean PS3 sucks. If the system was really that inferior then why must 360 lovers base their entire life on pointing that out. Especially so early in the game. One word for it. FEAR. Fear that big bad PS3 is going to suceed and then damn it someone out their is going to have a better console than you and Microsoft is going to call it quits again and abandon the 360 etc. etc..... Here is how I see it. And Correct me if im wrong.

PS3 and 360 are more powerful than Nintendo Wii. (FACT)

Do you notice how their isn't constant graphics comparisons or article after article slamming how much better the 360 or PS3 is power wise compare to the Wii. No because everyone is comfortable with that knowledge. they know without a doubt.

360 Better than PS3...( pure opinion) why. Cause if that was a fact why would people need to re assure themselves of it everyday. And dont say its the Sony fanboys. I see how aggressive 360 fanboys are they start 8 out of every 10 graphics,Library and Price comparison on this site.

Deep down inside the 360 fanboys aren't even convinced 360 is better. So until your convinced why even try convincing anyone else.

Balance4314d ago

one point you should consider is that alot of the sony fanboys who claim the ps3 is great have never played a 360 or if they have it was very shortly and didn't experience all the features it has. i actually over heard 2 sony fanboys at a restaunt the other day, they were saying "wow the ps3 online is so awsome being able to download demos and games look so good compared to my ps2 games the next generation is all sony". you don't have to be any fanboy to know 360 owners have been downloading demos and alot more for a long time.

the one thing i notice on this site between the fanboys is they pick their fights. you are right that most "360 fanboys are they start 8 out of every 10 graphics,Library and Price comparison on this site." they jump on those because they know they are usually right. if you see good sony news (which isn't often) alot of the times the 360 fanboys stay away from it or change the conversation to something unrelated to the news.

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