Critical Reception: Microsoft's Crackdown

This week's edition of Gamasutra's regular Critical Reception column examines online reaction to Microsoft's Crackdown, a free-roaming action title with strengths in character advancement and in online multiplayer modes.

Crackdown faced controversy in the weeks prior to its release, when it was announced that all retail copies would come bundled with an invitation to the Halo 3 beta test. Some criticized the move as being unfair to consumers, noting that the allure of an early opportunity to play one of the Xbox 360's most anticipated upcoming releases would inflate sales of what could potentially be a mediocre product.

As a result, Crackdown met with close scrutiny from critics, none of whom had the opportunity to be swayed by the as-of-yet unavailable Halo 3 beta test. Even without the advantage of a Halo tie-in, however, Crackdown still manages to rank in at an impressive 84% average review score ratio at

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BoneMagnus4312d ago

It is not a crap game that needed the beta for it to sell. It is a good, solid game in its own right and we would not be having this debate about the games quality if there was no beta.

And, yes, I own the retail copy - bought it yesterday, played it last night, and it is a blast - literally!

SuperSaiyan44312d ago

I can tell you right now that if it wasnt for the Halo 3 beta I would not have pre-ordered this game, in fact I gave it a solid thought and only pre-ordered it today!
I played Crackdown and its got no story nothing, its mindless do what you want shooter.

However those that bought the game for Crackdown itself will probably end up trading it in, meaning those that want the Halo 3 beta be on the look out for traded in Crackdown games!

slugg4312d ago

You have to have a copy of Crackdown in your drive WHILE you are playing the Beta, or it won't work. Also, the first time you log into the beta on live, it apparently reads your 360's serial number, as well, so only that copy of Crackdown played on YOUR and only YOUR 360 will allow you to participate in the beta. If you read Frankie's weekly reports at, the reason for this is not to sell more copies of Crackdown, but to control the number of people in the Beta and ramping those numbers up more gradually.

Yo Wassap4312d ago

Are you the guy from the bizarre forums who keeps posting stuff in the PGR4 section and being attacked by blither?

It's an amazingly fun game, the problem is that people don't expect it and when they get the game are disappointed with the lack of story. Even though that's what is being advertised all along.

Yo Wassap4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

Grrr double post, why does it do that sometimes?

PS360PCROCKS4312d ago

This is one of those games where you don't need to worry about reviews because who can determine the fun factor of a game that's so open ended for every individual? This game's fun factor is awesome, it's mindless fun, and has so many goofy things you can do and in the end videogames are about having fun, and so crackdown wins in my book.

Dlacy13g4312d ago

Crackdown is a win for me as well. Its just a fun time...jumpin around killin and levelin up. Yes its mindless to a degree...and that is what makes it great in my book.

That said, SuperSaiyan4 I would agree with you that I only secured my order on the premise that this was a solid game that came with Halo 3 beta. Honestly I am not sure I would have pre-ordered with out that tag.

And that Halo 3 tie in was a stroke of genius by MS. I mean they new they had a good solid game on their hands. However its no Gears, no halo..and as much as they would have liked it to be..its no GTA. So MS said how can we get this game a boost? Throw in the beta they were already planning to do. Now this game is getting noticed...maybe not for the right reasons at first...but its getting noticed. And it is a solid game that is holding up to that scrutiny, and hopefully sales as well.

MissAubrey4312d ago

didnt think I would, but the game makes you feel like a lethal super hero (i.e Venom) I'm lovin it!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4312d ago

I got this game to and its not bad, kinda fun a few glitches like the game relolading everytime a budy comes in but thats it. The rest is just fun fun fun.

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