07 NPD: Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Sales

Bloomberg did manage to score January 2007 sales numbers for the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The numbers were handed to Bloomberg from Credit Suisse, who got their numbers from NPD.

Quick recap:

Nintendo Wii: 436,000

Xbox 360: 294,000

PlayStation 3: 244,000

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TheMART4318d ago

Not far behind? That's only USA numbers.

50k extra for 360 is about 20% of the PS3 sales.
And the 360 already has a headstart of about 11 million units sold. It's very hard to catch up this way. Even if PS3 sold 50k more then the 360 it would take 10 months to catch up with 500k up to the headstart of 11 million 360's out there.

That's insane. And we haven't even accounted sales in Europe, Australia and other parts of the world with it. PS3 won't be able to catch up at least for a long, long time

TheGoodMART4318d ago

The PS3 hasn't yet launched in those parts of the world yet. but they all are all pro ps3 so i think it will catch up, it's only a matter of time. And plus there is a torrent of games coming out after the European launch

(just look at the upcoming games)

Silverwolf4318d ago

They're right regardless of price and lack of games and considering that it has only launched in the US and Japan. They PS3 is doing a pretty damn good job..

nix4318d ago

with only one worthwhile (since everyone says that) game available in the market.. it's surprising to see PS3 is still selling. not a bad news for ps3.

smitty4318d ago

In fact, it's still not available on Amazon, and it wasn't available at the Gamestops and Best Buys in New York until mid-February.

It's not apples to apples folks. Besides, March is the true Worldwide launch of the PS3 anyhow, and the games are a coming..

eques judicii4318d ago

smitty you must be smoking something because starting after christmas eb games and gamestop were consistently in stock of ps3. My store had ps3's transfered to us from stores that could not sell them.

Black Republican4318d ago

yeah every store here tyhat sells consoles has both ps3 and 360's
not in stock isnt an issue
another thing ps3 just came out, xbox 360 has been out for a year now and it still sold more in the u.s. then the ps3 in Jan, and some ppl call that good, I dont think so.
and another thing, consoles sell alot when they are first launched, and the next few months, do u believe that the ps3 will still sell this well in a year from now??? i think 360 will always be close if not better then the ps3 with sales.
not to mention they have had a year head start, this doesn't seem like good news for ps3.

techie4318d ago

Seriously the ps3 has hardly any games and is soooooo expensive. I'm so surprised it's doing this well.

I kinda of see it as a failure for the 360. Shouldn't Gears have lifted sales even more than that!? The best looking game around?

We've seen how one game can change it in Japan...what happens when ps3 starts releasing ll its games in March +. It is going to sell more than this and it will sustain itself throughout the year, and grow in numbers as more great games come out. Yes the 360 will do the same with the likes of Halo...but if it's neck and neck when one is $200 more than the other, that's kind of crazy I think.

I wouldv liked to have seen the ps3 sell much less than that, so they'd do a price drop quickly!

caffman4317d ago

As far as I'm aware the sales figures here are for January in the US. The PS3 should have creamed the 360 and the Wii but didn't. There is still PS3s unsold. You can't get a Wii for love or money and the 360 sales are still above the PS3. As it stands if I was Sony I would be worried. I live in the UK, 360 are in shops, you can order a PS3 everywhere but Wii is like goldust! Game are still unable to fill orders and that is after being on sale for 4 months!

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Juevani4318d ago

its 8 mill not 11 mill to start with and watch out here we come babe.. hahahaha, eyo TheMart I'll buy out ur 360 for $5 to throw it back on ur junk head, comn its not too late, u still have chance to get $5 for it, hahahahaha, its wonderfull to be a Sony fan...

wolfgang4318d ago

Who do we trust between NPD, a marketing research services, industry tracking, data collection and analysis who claim xbox 360 sold 11 millions consoles, or a dumb 8 years old with no knowledge of the gaming or retail industry ?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4318d ago

"Who do we trust between NPD, a marketing research services, industry tracking, data collection and analysis who claim xbox 360 sold 11 millions consoles, or a dumb 8 years old with no knowledge of the gaming or retail industry ?" Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahha that was funny as hell. Yeah those numbers are good Sony fans your not trailing by much (only 9 million)so quit your freaking whining.

eques judicii4318d ago

why is it surprising that the 360 didn't take in more??? the console is older... i say the bigger surprise is that even with the availability of the ps3 it didn't beat the 360 in sales. It is expected with the wii because it is super hot right now, but for the 360 to still be beating the ps3 in sales is downright silly.

TheGoodMART4318d ago

The PS3 and Xbox360 wore beaten by a thing called the wii!LOL!!

Giro4318d ago

You would think that a new console which has only been out for a very short while would be totally out selling one which has been out for over a year. I think Sony should take a look at the Wii sales as to what they should be selling.

Being a very happy 360 owner myself I say keep up the stella work MS and Kudos to Nintendo, I tip my hat to thee.

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