IGN: flOw Review

flOw isn't so much a game as it is an experience. With simplistic but beautiful and unique visuals, a haunting soundtrack (THX-certified, no less) and a "let's see what's next" design approach, flOw is all about exploring the unknown and seeing what lies deeper in the game's seemingly infinite fluid.

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MaximusPrime4318d ago

My second downloads after GTHD. I look forward to this game when i get PS3. Nice review. 7/10 is not too bad.

techie4318d ago

Hm. In a way I agree - you do get to see it all in one go. But I have the pc flash version and I've played it through lots of times just to veg out. It's quite relaxing and a nice break from work. Don't know how that would translate hen you're already vegging out on your sofa in front of the tv. But also you don't have to evolve, it's sometimes fun to stay really small and be a little biatch to all the bigger creatures - it's much harder then.

Captain Tuttle4318d ago

Sounds like the sixaxis is used well and 7/10 isn't too bad for a low priced download.

Bhai4318d ago

my PS3 at around the last week of March, and by the sound of it, Flow pretty much 'add' into the collector's package for the next-gen. I absolutely love some of the amazing downloadables that are already available including,

-Tekken DR
-Mortal Kombat 2

The 5 above titles pretty much make up a whole game bought, and they do deliver on that. I Don't think I'm gonna give anyone of them up !