9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed

"Digital downloads will not eliminate the need for discs anytime soon...Everything from Hulu to Netflix streaming video to Slingbox to Apple TV to Vudu all show promise. That said, all these products have some limiting factors, including lack of content selection, pricing hurdles, and most particularly, bandwidth issues, which affect video and audio quality...Case in point: The other night I was running Netflix's video streaming service on my Xbox 360. I fired up the movie, The Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen on a large rear-projection TV. It looked like crap. How crappy? Well, bad enough for my wife to say, "Get that off the screen right now." (The hazard of watching virtually everything in HD is that everyone in your household over the age of 7 becomes a video snob..."

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Counter_ACT3539d ago

ugh piss off with these articles now.


Wait, i have just looked at my crystal ball...Here comes bloodmask and ANOTHER blu ray will fail article.... :/

Montrealien3537d ago

I love blue ray, it is a great HD standard. And it will succeed, good article.

P_Bomb3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Is this real? CNET posted a pro-Blu-Ray article?!?! I'm...I'm shocked!

mr.selfdestruct3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Blu-Ray is the best option. I will always opt for a hard copy over a piece if digital property. It has better sound and pix then streaming vids and as far as price goes i just picked up Saw 1 and Reservoir Dogs for 10.00 a piece, now that awesome. Sony has an excellent product and it will thrive and conquer.

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