Wipeout PS3 To Use MotorStorm Engine

The latest edition of EGM shed some light on the future Wipeout project for the PS3, and one of the more important tidbits of information revolved around the use of the MotorStorm engine for the game.

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Booneral4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Good choice, in a futuristic racer this time, who wouldn't like to see badass explosions, crashes, particles flying around? Never liked WipeOut before, never played the full game (just the demos on PS1 and PS2) but motorstorm's engine might just make this game fun.

GaMr-4312d ago

Im interested to see how the motostorm engine works for wipeout. I love motorstorm physics however. Some of the best physics I have ever felt in a video game especially a racer. IMO the only other racer I have played that rivals its physics would be Burnout

DJ4312d ago

But good news nonetheless. The Wipeout series was never big on physics, so I'm curious as to how much destruction they're going to put in. (hopefully, a LOT)

R34GTR4312d ago

I cant wait to see how this works.

Sevir044312d ago

not only is the engine that motorstorm run on is quite spectacular in graphics but it's also spectacular in it's physics... and i enjoyed WP:p on psp because it's speeds were eyeball bleedingly fast once you started unlocking the faster class races... chain that together with awesome graphics that might even be better than motorstorm because Evolution might be helping liverpool with using the engine to it's fullest, and then there is excellent physics and destruction, topped off with crazy futuristic ship and weaponry, thats amazing and now i'm even more hyped for this game than ever.... suddenly fatal inertia doesn't seem as exciting specially now that it's multiplatformer... Hope they keep it all in tact and make this new itteration of Wipeout emaculate

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