Video games could pull the plug on relationships

"My boyfriend at the time played the game all the time," she said. "He would have Halo parties all the time and I wouldn't be able to hang out with him because he was having those parties."

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joemutt4288d ago

Getting your ass handed to you by your girlfriend in a Halo match would definately make for a better relationship.

My girlfriend was complaining when I was playing FarCry, I said "Just watch it, its like watching a movie on a tropical island, it has a story and a plot."

She still complained, so I got rid of her before Gears came out.

fenderputty4288d ago

.... well she isn't as into videogames as I am. It's caused some problems but, it's also made us stronger in other areas. We're both learning about "compromise".

Booneral4288d ago

Yes, it can pull the plug... I freaking scored 17000 something on Xbox 360 with achievements, now I can barely move on... Why is that?... *sighs thinking of her*

Well when you realize that you are crossing the thin red line with the games, just stop right there. Or don't, joemutt has a point too, lol.

Smoove8084288d ago

I am living in Europe at the moment. I had my 360 and ps3 shipped over and everything was beautiful. I was alone until I had my girlfriend move with me to enjoy the experience. She didn't sign-up for the Xbox live experience though! I had to think of something and fast. I have a PSP and a DS Lite. I thought the DS would be a very user(girlfriend) friendly tool. I know how addicting Mario mini games are so I put it on her. She can't put the thing down. We have some ridiculous High Scores now, things are getting real competitive around here. I don't like her;) I also bought her a dog too, a NINTENDOG! and for some crazy reason BrainAge is crack. This also remedied another issue, what do I get her for valentines day? Ahhhh a frikken game....easy! Our women have it too easy. What do you want for your birthday? games, Christmas? games, Valentines, chocolate and games! just for being a good guy, accessories.

PS I got lucky she enjoyed the white DS, go for the sure kill and make it PINK!

BIadestarX4288d ago

Women will always have problems with men doing stuff that men enjoy. So unless you spending all your money on them, doing the laundry, cooking, working, cleaning the house, and hugging them 24/7 they will not be happy. So, since that's the case @#$#$ it! Let them be mad; while I'm having fun playing video games! MUAHAHAH MUAHAHA.
I'm just kidding I love my wife.
(Wife is calling) Yes honey.... can I play games after I do the dishes?
Yes... Yes... only one hour!

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