PS3 Preparing for life in the Fast Lane?

One editor of a technology website tells us how he is warming more and more to the PS3 after a bumpy period in similar fashion to the Xbox 360. As a result of playing the new F1 2006 game and GT:HD , the editor was super impressed by the graphics and special effects.

"After sitting down and getting to grips with both GT:HD, and the demo for the new Formula One 2006 game, I'm suddenly quite glad our new amp has a free HDMI connection. Expect a review of the F1 game from Ben when it drops in a week or two; on first exposure it seems to me that it's going to be a hit. The graphics are stunning-like the heat haze coming from your competitors' engines on the grid to the sensation of speed-and all the information graphics will be familiar to F1 fans the world across.

Sony's exclusive Formula One contract is up in a month, and so we should see some competition return to the genre, along with a game for the Xbox 360, but I can soon see the day approach where I open my wallet once more and take home yet another new console."

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techie4317d ago

That's cool. As long as that bogus article was wrong about the gameplay maybe F1 will be a great game. Good to hear all the efects are impressive - and all that development information can be shared with other frst party ps3 games.

GaMr-4317d ago

Has anyone noticed the twist in PS3 news coverage. Its repeating itself already. PS3 is "walking the line" just like the PS2 did. Im not calling the fate of any other console here besides the PS3. My gamble is it will be just as great in its prime. Preach numbers on me all you want thats cool. I see everyone changing their tune just like they did with the PS2 and this is all coming back to me. Im not that old but I do pay attention to history and ohh yes does it repeat itself. I can't tell you about PS4,5,6 or 7 but I can tell you that PS3 is following down the path of PS2 more and more evidence comes in everyday to prove this theory.

Bathyj4317d ago

It seems more and more the people who dont like PS3 are 1. The ones who had a gripe with it before it was even released and 2. Haven't actually played it.

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