Rumor: Sony Delivering 11.000 PS3 Units to Australia

There is a rumor about 11.000 PS3 units hitting Australian retailer shops. The first question that comes to anyone's mind at hearing this is: why so few?

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Master of Menace4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

A leading Australian retailer (Harvey Norman Computers), told me Sony will be filling all preorders. He also said, if you don't preorder don't count on getting one. There are 100 preorders just in my local store. And I know my local EB has 70. I went with Harvey Norman because they gave me $100.00 off and a savings voucher sheet. The sheet gives specials on PS3 games and extras. I talked to a guy in the store who was also preordering a PS3. He just sold his XBOX 360. There's definately a strong demand for it here, rest assured.

ironwolf4318d ago

they'll be guaranteed of being able to brag about "selling out" their release shipments.

Master of Menace4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

But they will have sold their shipments. And not brag about how many they shipped like Microsoft.

Black Republican4318d ago

their is only a few because it rushed again like the other launches sony has had this gen, and of course they will sell them all, any console launch their would sell 11 000, nintendo, xbox, or sony lol

@Master of Menace
xbox is doing fine right now, dont know what ur talking about, they have had a year advantage thats why they are in the lead, but they are still in the lead, nintendo is second and sony is last

Master of Menace4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

But it's not a massive lead. The PS3 is also doing fine. The European launch will only help bridge the gap. There's going to be more than 11,000, that is just a rumour. Like every other rumour that's been debunked. And it's not being rushed, this is the biggest launch ever, with 30 titles available. It's going to impress alot of people, here. And let's not forget, Sony are still the leaders in the market.

Black Republican4318d ago

yeah i never said it is a massive lead though did i??? i think u are just telling ur self that not me or anyone else..
yes sony does have the majority of the market share for gaming, but their console for this gen does not, will they, its highly possible, and i also wouldnt be way surprised if it didnt

THAMMER14318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

My friend sold his 360 BLa Bla Bla. LOL You are a 1st class HATER. 11,000 in not alot at all but Sony is doing what they can. The article is not even about the 360. And $700.00 is not going to go over well at all. No matter how big the fan base is $700.00 is too [email protected] MUNCH. SORRY ihave to be real here.

marshman4318d ago

I hate the PS3 Bla Bla Bla I Hate sony there just liars Bla Bla Bla I love Bill Gates Bla Bla Bla. Its all just sounds the same from any of the Xbots. Bash Bash Bash.
Not trying to Flame anyone here just tired of the same debate about anything posted for the PS3. When there are millions and millions more that think otherwise. If people would just forget the fan war for a while. Because no one know's who the victory will be in the end and who cares. I think good competition between all consoles will be better for the gamers.

And on another note. The Article
This just sounds to much like a rumor to me. and i would hope that it is not true it would be a real let down if it was. but i cant believe sony would drop so little in a very promising market for them with all the games that are to launch at same time.

THAMMER14318d ago

Hmm I know who your is really bashing. I know your post is directed at me. Read post #1,2.1, and 3.1. My post was directed at him. Play games for fun. =]

Sony is making mistakes and it is apparent. Just think about it. If you are ignorant or bias you make up names like XBOT and green head to refer to people who have another opinion than yours. Xbox owners are happy with the 1 year the 360 has been available and you PS3 fan boys acting all bitter and bashing are just silly.

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