Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation Trailer

The English Pro_G have put a video online with the first ingame footage of Alone in the Dark 5. The spooky game is coming out later this year for PS3 and the XBOX 360.

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JohnCarpenter4289d ago

Are the developers japanese??? Reminds me of "ghost in the shell"-sound.

InMyOpinion4289d ago

They used to be called Infogrames.

Antan4289d ago

Certainly looks impressive from a visual standpoint.

candystop4289d ago

Looks rather impressive and sort of eerie which is a good thing in my book! I wonder if this game is going to be anything like indigo prophecy which for a game made me actually feel like part of the story! Whatever the case I just really hope this game turns out to be good and these developers keep on making cool stuff to take my mind off life from time to time whenever I pop in a game!

omegaheat4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

That footage wasn't new at all. In fact I saw that trailer way back in late summer of last year. The trailer will always be impressive, but right now I'm looking for some new footage for this much hyped title. Maybe I've been spoiled by the quality of Gears of War and expect everything to have bang for the buck, not necessarily the graphics but the quality. Gears of War is to the 360 as Dead or Alive was to the Xbox. Dead or Alive was a launch title in the early life of the 360 and even after so many video game years, the games graphics and polished look has yet to be matched by most of the next gen games out now. Hopefully 2007 will be the rush of the games that the 360 was meant to have.

marshman4289d ago

That looks very interesting. Would like to see allot more footage tho before i would purchase it.

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