Gears tops XBL charts, but for how much longer?

Figures have been released for the week beginning Feb 12, proving that Gears' popularity hasn't waned any since release last November.

The top ten most played Live games for the week of Feb 12 were:

Gears of War

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas

Call Of Duty 3

Def Jam: Icon (Demo)

Crackdown (Demo)

Madden NFL 07

Lost Planet

NBA Street (Demo)


GRAW 2 (Demo)

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Close_Second4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

I owned GOW for about 4 weeks and although initially I loved it, I eventually found the single player campaign to be a very shallow experience. Unfortunately I also came to hate the on-line "Team Deathmatches" as well. Basically, two teams running to the middle of a map to score the best weapons first then there's a short duke out until one person is left standing.

Over and over and over thats all the on-line play seemed to be. Run, weapon up, shoot, then do it again. Where are modes like defend the outpost, capture the flag, etc.

Being in New Zealand makes this experience even more painful as the broadband services in NZ are crap (slow download speeds, slow ping rates)! However, even if my ISP was not a factor the on-line would not have held my interest in its current form anyway.

As a final note, the only reason I got GOW was because of the trailer that was supposed to be in-game engine generated. Biggest con ever!!! May have been generated by the game-engine, but its amazing how good you can make things look when you don't have to worry about AI and multiple characters on screen, etc. And where was that big showdown that was hinted in the trailer! surely that lame encounter in the mines was not it. Heck, has to be one of the easiest big-bosses to kill ever!

mishmosh4314d ago

It is so much easier to find a HALO2 game than it is to get matched in Gears. I refuse to believe that GOW is the most played. It gets quite boring very quickly.

nicodemus4314d ago

Close_Second -- I'm not quite sure how you can say the graphics were a let-down. Gears of War is generally considered to be the best-looking game ever released on a console... Are you playing it in HD?

mishmosh -- I completely agree - it's really hard to believe Gears is #1. It takes far too long to get into a decent match, and when you finally do, every time you die you have to sit and wait for the match to end! Frankly, I enjoy Lost Planet more than I do GOW.

I think the multiplayer in Halo 2 should be the model for every game on 360 (or at least every AAA game like GOW). I've said it before - If I wanted a half-assed approach to online, I'd get a PS3!

If it weren't for Halo 2 (and the approaching Halo 3), I probably wouldn't even bother with a gold account.

Close_Second4314d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

...Its just that the trailer looked better. Yes, I am playing it on an HD-TV. I will say however, the latest edition of Doom on the PC (released a couple of years ago) still has better lighting effects.

Lets face it, beneath the glossy exterior GOW has very little to offer. The story is weak, the gameplay offers nothing new. Its still a scripted rail gun shooter as far as I'm concerned. Basically a game with one single path to get through it...yawn. So far, next-gen gaming to me is the same as last-gen but with higher-res models and textures. There is nothing yet that really knocks my socks off.

I have been playing video games since the early 80's. I have owned a Spectrum ZX, Apple 2e, Amstrad CPC664, Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Super Nintendo, PS1, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and countless PCs. I gave up on PCs for gaming because of the cost and countless compatibility issues only to see consoles are heading in the same direction. However, forgetting all that, I dont believe the hype surrounding current gen consoles has been lived up to as yet.

Contra264314d ago

anygame is good on X-Box Live....
Gears of war is fun.. PURE FUN....
havent tried Lost planet.... but will do that

I just love the X-Box Live Experience

Dukester1014313d ago

wouldnt you say games have come quite a long way since your early days of gaming?
i would say so- i've been gaming since the NES, and I think what has happend is completely unbelievable... and they fact that the CAN do better is only even more amazing.

Gears did NOT live up to they hype in terms of single player, but IMO it's one of the best multiplayer games out there (granted Halo 2 was better "at that time").

I dont know what more you're wanting out of a next-gen console that can legitimately be pulled off with where technology really is. How innovative do you really want things to be?