Clover devs working on Resident Evil 5

Capcom re-shuffle puts ex-Clover developers to work on new Resi and Inafune Wii title

Capcom refugees from the recently-closed Okami developer Clover have been moved to work on Resident Evil 5 and Keiji Inafune's mysterious Wii project, Capcom has confirmed.

"Some of the team that worked on Clover titles are now helping Takeuchi-san on Resident Evil 5, helping Inafune-san on a new title for the Wii", Capcom's vice president of marketing Charles Bellfield reveals to

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timmyp534317d ago I have to applaud the disbanded Clover Studios for their work on Okami. That game was a 10 out of 10...11? in my eyes. Guys! help make the best RE game ever so I can fire it up on my PS3=) and for XB gamers!