ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360

Has Battlestations: Midway done enough to hold onto top spot, or has Lost Planet gone back to the top?

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TheMART4316d ago

What surprisses me in a positive way is this:


From 17 they did rise to 11. The game is setup very good, it looks very colourfull with nice graphics. I hope it'll sell a lot more over time.

Rare deserves it. They brought this fresh new IP to the 360 and they'll bring more in the future. At least it didn't go the way that Psychonauts went. The best platformer of all time and it sold so few... Although Psychonauts will probably be supported with backward compatibility on the 360 soon and I hope Psychonauts 2 will come to the 360 again!

The great 14316d ago

If the Xbots have any sense Crackdown will never be no.1 in their charts, why you say i just saw some screenshots of the game, please don't tell me it's another comic style animation game, i'm gonna laugh if so, really! then again there starved of great games they will jump at the 1st game they se, and to marty above viva piniata for the love of gamming that's pathetic, i know your 40, live with your Xbox infact your married to it and you hump it no doubt, sorry that doesn't count Marty, you should try PS3 the greatest console of all time, i mean if Viva Piniata is good in your eyes, you really have to play PS3.

BIadestarX4316d ago

can people have less than 1 bubble? Well, to keep the momentum going; I will give you negative feedback.
I'm planning to get a PS3 soon and already have a 360. Here is the definition of a fanboy: Someone that believes that good games can only be made on their console of choice. If "Crackdown" would be on the PS3 would you be humping the Disk Case; but since it's not it must be bad? Seriously some of you need a life. Also, viva pinatas is a great game, and to make this worth having it's the only game for all consoles for people that like games like (at least for now). Nothing wrong can be said about a game that can't be compared to anything else and people seem to like.

Contra264316d ago

fall of man is alright.
motor storm seems slow...really.. and freezes..
that NBA game... just horrible.

yeah i tried the PS3. I'll buy it when It's worth it

Viva Pinata is a good game.. you should try that