Images of Prototype

Activision have released a new batch of images from Prototype

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xionpunk3619d ago

this game is gonna kick ass. 'nuff said.

Cwalat3619d ago

i don't like it.

first of all...

probably worst screenshots i've seen yet. (being a nextgen game)
the lowres and lowpoly doesn't get unnoticed.


Infamous and this game will colide together... so i guess that's the vs.
Infamous vs Prototype... IMO infamous will eat this alive.

cayal3619d ago

Is this game exclusive or multi-plat?

I am guessing since it is from Activision, it is multi-plat.

Cajun Chicken3619d ago

Multiplat including PC, the other game this one gets confused for recently is Infamous, another great looking sandbox game exclusive for PS3.

cayal3619d ago


I do confuse them two actually.

wil4hire3619d ago

Is this one due at the end of the year?

I'd love to see a mission done in infamous vs Prototype.

Not really sure exactly... WHAT you are supposed to do. Prototype reminds me of Hitman though, but is there stealth?

cmrbe3619d ago

These up close shots don't really look good. However i am still buying this game as well as Infamous.

The difference between the two to me is that Infamous takes a more realistic approach while prototype is a more over the top type of action game very similar to Hulk Ultimate distruction.

wil4hire3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Yeah, you can do all that stuff.. but... what are the actual missions going to be hehe... will destroying that much stuff have any negative effects? Or can you just... kill.. everything...

as far as action porn goes, Prototype looks crazy(just saw the videos). But you know when you get to the point of "ok, what to do now that its out of my system.."? Yeah it reminds me of Hulk Ultimate distruction as well.

Infamous, seems less interesting at this point. But I've only seen the boring zap zap zap videos.

cmrbe3619d ago

but Infamous is my 3rd most anticipated game this year. Uncharted 2, KZ2 then Infamous. The first time i saw Infamous it went on my must buy list.

Infamous looks alot more interesting to me and i can't wait to play it.