Microsoft Warns Against Leaked Midnight Club DLC

If you downloaded the Midnight Club: LA add-on content that appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace last night, Microsoft urges you to delete it as soon as possible, lest you risk unspecified "problems."

"The Marketplace team has mentioned to me that a batch of Midnight Club: LA content went up accidentally on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this morning. It has since been removed, but you may have had the chance to download it while it was up there," writes Xbox EMEA community manager Graeme Boyd on his official blog.

"If you did and if it's sitting on your hard drive you should delete it -- reason being that it was being tested when it was mistakenly put live and therefore it may not work properly, the Achievements won't register and could cause you problems with your Midnight Club: LA game saves."

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Nathan Drake3417d ago

Or maybe the price tag wasn't final :) ?

JeffGUNZ3417d ago

Now the 3 people who own this game have to wait longer.

Blaze9293417d ago (Edited 3417d ago )

This is just aka "We didnt put a prince on it so delete it then buy it again when its up!"

Who cares about achievements. Only thing to worry about is the gamesave becuase this game is HARD, i doubt anyone would want to start over. But thats probably a lie too. I say hold it until its up and see if a price is attached to the official one, thatll be the only difference likely.

y0haN3417d ago

JeffGunz I own this game and so do four of my friends and it's a brilliant game. It's surpassed NFS by afar. I didn't get this DLC because I don't buy DLC (but GTA IV might be an exception).

WeaseL3417d ago

I would try it first anyway as its probably fine they just didn't make any money. Expect them to add an extra few dollars to make up the short fall.

Dark_Vendetta3417d ago

If they didn't pay for the content, then they won't have to pay later because of the "download again" function

Joey Greco RULES3417d ago

"Hamlet! Hamlet look out behind you, he's turning into a Vampire!"

MaximusPrime3417d ago

could someone direct me a link for PS3 dlc (if there is one) Thanks

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The story is too old to be commented.