Rockstar accidentally reveals MC:LA South Central DLC details

UGO writes: "NeoGAF can be a pretty amusing place in a completely disorganized sort of way, but there's occasionally some useful information to be found there as well. Usually - as in this particular case - it's the result of an obsessive gamer making a random discovery.

"Today's discovery is that Rockstar's upcoming 'South Central expansion pack' arrived on Xbox Live for the apparent price of NOTHING. The map addition was always going to be a freebie, but the new cars, missions, races, etc. had been reported as premium. This morning's reveal suggested otherwise however, as the 1.4GB download showed up with no cost attached."

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Mr PS33355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

Dont be surprised if this DLC sells better than the GTA4 DLC

And how did R* accidentally reveal DLC details
It was Micro$not that put it up on Xbollox Dead

Trollimite3355d ago

if you downloaded it for free delete it and pay to download it again. not a chance in hell of me doing that

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wil4hire3355d ago

yet its where everyone in the gaming "media" gets their news.

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