Playing Xbox Live over Google WiFi While Driving

There are dozens of ways to hook up DVD players for in car viewing. A few of them even have recommended configurations for playing video games from passenger seating. None of the in car entertainment solutions offer a way to connect to online gaming services like Xbox Live. The guys at decided to fix that by building the ultimate in-car Xbox Live gaming experience.

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FordGTGuy4312d ago

The only problem is that this setup only works at wifi hotspots. Nevertheless you can always still play Xbox 360 offline or over lan in the car and have fun.

Sphinx4312d ago

...they have wifi throughout the whole city. That is what I understood from reading it. I know where I am, Oklahoma City, we are working on having a metro-wide wifi. It'll cost something like $8-$12 a month, and can be used anywhere in the OKC metro. They say it should be ready by next year.