EB Disses PSP

"Trade the Past... Play the Future"? That's pretty cold, EB. This image, courtesy of GAF member "Testicular Sound Express", clearly shows that the GameStop Corp-owned retailer loves the Nintendo DS Lite.

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PS360WII4316d ago

They are dissin the PSP they are just saying that if you want a DS then you can trade anything in for it. Notice that the GBA SP and the DS fat are also available for trade.

Anyway I don't see the argument for DS vs. PSP. I mean it's rather obvious if you a publisher, developer, or anything pretaining to gaming that the DS is the better one to put games out on. Even the crappy DS games sell more then the blockbuster PSP titles.

Covenant4316d ago

Yes, the PSP doesn't approach the DS's meteoric sales or popularity, but it's a solid system with a decent base...but sales have been slipping, and I know some people would jump at a chance to "trade up," as it were. There's also that rather persistent rumor concerning PSP 2.0, involving a complete re-design. Maybe that will help sales. My .02 worth.

Lucidmantra4316d ago

trying that take Nintendos lead in Hand-helds is 3 times more suicidal than taking on Playstation in the console wars. Even if you are Sony. Nintendo OMGWTFOWNZ handhelds and has since the first Gameboy over 12 years ago. PSP will get a boost when it gets backwards compat with PS1 titles (i heard it was coming but not sure if it has shown up yet...)