Computer Act!ve Review: Sony Playstation 3 games console

The trio of next generation consoles is complete, will the PS3 be crowned king of gaming?

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Bathyj4319d ago

This story is written like this guy just moved here from Bedrock and has never heard of a PS3 before. Nothing here is really news or anything and it just seems like padding on a slow news day.

Silver3604319d ago

Just a feel good story for the PS3 Not anything new or informative to the people on this site. Maybe for non gamers it is news?

vettle14319d ago

i dont need to watch HD movies. so all i bought was another controller. and games of course and i get the most out of mine, for me.


I think that the PS3 only has a chance of winning the war at a mainstream price of say $200-$350. The faster they drop to that kind of price, the larger chance they have of winning (because if they leave it too long, the fanbase and libraries of the xbox 360 and PS3 will get too large to compete with and sony exclusives will begin going multi-platform)