Rash Of Year-Old Japanese Xbox 360s Crapping Out

A recent flurry of three red-ring posts have appeared in The Land of the Rising Sun. It seems that consoles over a year-old are konking out in noticeable numbers.

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Rainbow_Drake4288d ago

Should we be surprised? Didn't like.. the same thing happen here in America.. or something to that effect. Either way, I grow sick and tired of Microsoft's lack of concern for their product dying in so many numbers. How much longer till even die-hard 360 fans consider defecting to be Wii/Ps3 fans? I think we're seeing the last steps of what could have been a great console, unless Microsoft picks up the effort. The wii/Ps3 looks better everyday... even if Microsoft DOES have Halo 3, and Shadowrun, whats the use of waiting if my system is going to eventually crap out? Least with the Ps3, I'll be able to PLAY games without the worry of every time I load a disc, the system may go kaplook.

MaximusPrime4288d ago

i just defected to PS3. I hated xbox 360 console since i first bought it. It is a useless, noisy, crashing and crap piece of machine. it is even worst than precessor xbox.

I have been loyal to sony since PS1. I had no problem with PS1 and PS2. So far i heard that there are no news about PS3's faults, im more likely to suffer no problem. I look forward to own one when it comes out here in UK.

PS3 is certainly a sexiest, cool looking console out of 3 next gens.
Unlike XBOX360, it also has built in Blu Ray player too.
Sony is a genius with making games. Shadow of the Colossus was the best game i ever played on PS2 and am looking forward to its sequel on PS3.

I've seen the home page of PS3 and it is so awesome. Those moving waves on the background. Do you get that on Xbox 360? No, it is just plain with colors on each pages. What the hell is that? Before i sold my xbox 360, my background was a picture of PS3 console. This kept me in company.

Only 4 weeks left before PS3 dominates EU. ;)

TheMART4288d ago


I don't believe you have ever owned a 360.

"If Final Fantasy 7 would be released on PS3, PS3 would be outselling the other two consoles. Everybody loves FFVII"

That was your first post. Constantly all posts Playstation all over, never spoke once about the 360. In your gamertag you say sold. Well if you do, supply your old (test month) gamertag, doesn't matter anymore to you I guess because you ain't playing that anymore.

I bet you're a Sony fanboy trying to act like a switcher, which you are in my eyes obviously not. You hated the 360 since the first day you've bought it... Right... Well if you REALLY do, you'll be hating the PS3 even more from day one having only one good, not even AAA great, just good game. Enjoy it.

Bet you've never, ever played PGR3, Gears of War, GRAW 1, COD3, Oblivion, FNR3, Rainbow Six or any game, and not over Live either. I call you out on being a total FAKE

Silverwolf4288d ago

I recently got rid of my Xbox 360 (die on me). while I believe it has a great line up of games, going thru two xbox 360 over no apparent reason pissed me off. I really got tired of the hassle so now I only have my PS3 and so far I have had no problems with it whatsoever. So anybody interested in buying some xbox 360 games give me a holla.

Shadow Flare4288d ago

You make yourself look like an incredible fool

Is your logic literally:

-If they claim to have a 360 and they don't like it, then they don't have a 360-

Not everyone sleeps with their console like you mart

Grown Folks Talk4288d ago

my logic is, if you buy something, and you can't stand it as soon as you get it, why keep it? i'm sure he could have found somebody to sell it to, if not just trade it in towards a PS3.

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Rainbow_Drake4288d ago

Probably so, the only reason I'm keeping with the 360, for now, is for ShadowRun and Halo 3, it's not that I don't like Playstation, it's just Sony I don't like all that much, plus the lack of titles which interest me... not to say they're not good or anything, but I'm a FPS, which the Ps3 I feel shall lack in. Plus a 600$ purchase is NOT something I'm in an ability to pull at this moment.. Though I do see myself owning one and a Wii as well..

MaximusPrime4288d ago

it is your decision not mine. im just giving you my view.

Of course there will be a lack of games for PS3 but what about xbox 360? There was a total lack of games when it launched.

I didnt moan about xbox 360's problem then and i certainly wouldnt moan at PS3. Why can't these kiddies be patient? Just play PS1/PS2 games on PS3 while you wait. There are still great games for PS1/PS2.

More titles are on their way to PS3 and Sony will gradually regain their throne.

THAMMER14288d ago

They need to make use of the warranty. The 360 dose seem to have issues with units bricking. I have has 3 friends out of 20 who had to exchange. I'm lucky cause I have had no issues at all. But I just bought an extended warranty just incase.

R34GTR4288d ago (Edited 4288d ago )

And here we have it folks. Built to Last vs. Built to Sell.
they should of concerned themselves more with their hardware instead of trying to get a 1 year jump on Sony. It appears 2 consoles did that in this race. People preach customer loyalty and Sony craps on its fans. Well atleast their is little to no chance of this $600 purchase bricking on me.(knocks on wood. No one cared about hardware they just wanted to be out the gate and in larger quantity. Well now its catching up to people in the worst way. 360's are dying and Wii is getting boring. What does that leave?

Dont worry thought atleast Microsoft is going to rebuild the xbox360 paint it black and release it again in april for a slightly higher price. Because im sure it will be built better this time.

gnothe14288d ago

should be ashamed!! you talk about MS lack of doing something about there crapping out systems, well what about extending the warrenty for a year!! what about refunding the first people WHO PAID to get there xboxs fixed there money!! come on guys sony aint clean either!! because if they was there would have NEVER been a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT on them for there dvd drives crapping out on the Ps2!!

THAMMER14288d ago

The point is most PS fan boys are snobs. They think the PS brand is steak and the Xbox brand is leather. And the truth of the matter is the PS3 even though it has a lower failure rate is has a higher dissatisfaction rate. The 3 people I know who had a defective 360 just got it exchanged.

There are too many awesome games that are available and soon to come to just jump ship to the PS3. Most of the PS3 games that are coming out do not even have real release dates. It is too big of a gamble to spend $600.00 and not be sure what game will be out and how they will turn out in the end.

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