HD DVD, we hardly knew you

It seems premature to declare Blu-ray the victor in the format war with HD DVD, but so far HD DVD isn't putting up much of a fight...

The Blu-ray camp's continual claims it's already won the battle to be the high definition successor to DVD are arrogant propaganda but, at least in Australia, the HD DVD camp doesn't seem to be proving them wrong.

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FeralPhoenix4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

Toshiba, M$, and the few studio's who back HD DVD need to "get up or lay down." Even if they don't have higher sales I think it would be close if they put up a fight because HD DVD movie quality is just as good but the players have an edge in price....if they were smart they would be "hammering" that idea home, I think PS3's definitely help BD movie sales, still if HD DVD makes some changes in marketing their numbers could improve alot, either way its far from over, and DVD's are showing no signs of fading away anytime soon, but I think by 2008 if nothing changes BD might actually be the dominant next gen movie format. -We'll see.

Marty83704314d ago

Blu-ray has the majority of the Hollywood Movie Studio's back it.PS3 is helping Blu-ray loads.Just like PS2 helped DVD.

TheMART4314d ago

DVD was already one standard before the PS2 was there

BluRay isn't standard and still pushed by Sony

That's the difference

MaximusPrime4314d ago

HD DVD is indeed dead. Yes, so many studios supported Bluray.

With PS3 imminent EU release, this will boost Bluray sale. PS3 is indeed the cheapest player on the market.

I look forward to Spiderman on Bluray. ;)

You Spiderman and HDDVD fans, better start rethinking. Spiderman will highly unlike release on HDDVD. It owns by Sony.

SuperSaiyan44314d ago

Better encoding, better choice of movies, better in movie experience, cheaper prices and a nicer cover! I love RED! - Well its almost red haha

MaximusPrime4314d ago

better choice of movies? yea right.
By the time HDDVD and Bluray start their war in EU, HDDVD will be the first to gather dust.

richie007bond4314d ago

Yes i agree the HD DVD format provides better quilty with its better content and codecs blue rays still using mepeg 2.

Bleyd4314d ago

The movie studios. That's right. It's completely up to the movie studios as far as what video codec to use. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD can use the exact same codecs. The highly praised VC-1 codec belongs to MS and they license it out to movie studios to use and since Blu-Ray players are capable of decoding the VC-1 codec there is no actual codec advantage between the two formats. If anything, the advantage for quality would have to go with Blu-Ray since, using the exact same codec, they can afford to have a higher bit rate for the compression because of all that extra space that Blu-Ray has over HD-DVD. 20 extra GB of space is nothing to blink at when considering a higher quality bit rate for compression.

xbox360migs4314d ago

But....Why are blu ray releases not better then, just the same or worse on old releases with slightly worse interactivety proved usually if you read reviews of films for both formats like me. sad I know. HD DVD's not out of the ring yet, we shall see what happens later this year with HD DVD players expecting to reach more approachable selling prices for the average consumer before Blu-ray. As for the more movie studio comments, yes that is true but not as bigger problem as people make out as blu-ray does not have universal who have the rights to loads of great movies too! I think it's too early to rule any format our yet, but I certainley don't like the blu-rays marketing approach for the format war is over already, anyone with half a brain knows it's not over yet.

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gnothe14314d ago

blue ray has WAY more of the movies I want!! every time I go shopping for HD-DVD movies, the one I want is on Blue Ray!! so unless something changes, sony MIGHT just pull it off!!

Bathyj4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

While DVD was already out, in Australia it had by no means taken off yet when PS2 released. There's no denying both helped each other and it looks like PS3 is doing the same. Before anyone starts complaining how Sony is forcing BluRay on us, thats just rubbish. DVDs aren't going anywhere. They'll be around for at least another 10 years. Just because there's something better out there for people who want it doesn't mean DVD are going to suddenly vanish. I just wish Sony and Toshiba had compromised when they had the chance and made a unified disk, sparing us from this costly war. I also think if M$ had back BR as well for XBox then it would have been all over then as well. If BR had belonged to anyone but Sony maybe they would have. Its not like the console war where I want all 3 to do well because I am happy to buy each machine to play the different games available for each one. When it comes to a next gen disc format for movies I just one to kill the other so we can just worry about a single format.

Anyway, wouldn't it be funny if Australia set the trend that the rest of the world followed.

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