Skate 2 - Exclusive Producer Interview

Today had the chance to talk to Jay Balmer over at EA Black Box on his upcoming project, Skate 2. Throughout our thirty-five minute conversation, it was evident that he has a lot of passion for the project and the Skate series. With Skate 2's release date right around the corner – along with the demo currently on Xbox Live – gamers should expect an entertaining time when they finally get their hands on the full game. Read on to find out more about Skate 2 and how everything is shaping up for the title.

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Valkyrie833619d ago

Anyone looking as forward to this game as I am? Been obsessed with Skate 1 for the past 6 months and cannot believe that the sequel will be in my grubby little hands next week! Lots of cool information in this interview to get my pumped.... .. ....

iMarcus3619d ago

good interview

can't wait for skate 2, only ten more days!

Caspel3619d ago

when does part 2 go live?