X-Play: The Big Ones 2009

Adam Sessler previews the most promising big titles for 2009 including: Alan Wake, Brutal Legend, Halo: ODST and Heavy Rain.

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rootEXT3595d ago

Killzone 2??? xplay you fail miserably!!

Ace_Shooter3595d ago

no killzone 2 is just ridiculous!! actually, Xplay missed out A LOT of great games for 2009. I dont even know if they're BIASED for any system...i think they're more stupid than anything else. Need a new host?? hire me =)

mjcrow333595d ago

Heavy Rain looks to be the more interesting game in the bunch IMO.

DexTh053595d ago

Ok i like Xplay but that said absolutely nothin about any of the AAA titles coming out. I dont think they are too bias but they screwed this up i think.

NaiNaiNai3595d ago

for anyone who is complaing about no Killzone 2, theres other games that are amazing that are not there. the reason they are not on the list is because everyone knows they will be amazing. no point in stating the obvious.