Why There Were No New Massively Huge TVs at CES

CES is always about the world's biggest LCD/Plasma penis size competition. This year, that story line was completely non-existent. What gives?

Of course, it's a further sign that the economy being in trouble, and goes along with the generally more subdued feel of CES 2009; but no one scrapped any plans to show a 200-incher within the last six months, so there's more to it than that.

The current kings of ridiculous TV extremes-Panasonic's 150-inch plasma and Sharp's 108-inch LCD-represent the biggest physical pieces of glass that the factory can produce without imperfections. Usually, these massive pieces of "mother glass" are carved into a number of smaller panels, and they obviously don't build them bigger only to get bigger showpiece TVs for CES-the more smaller sets you can produce from a single run of glass means more efficient manufacturing and more money saved per panel.

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