'Skate 2' PS3 Requires 2GB Of Hard Drive Space

A quick public service announcement: Gamers are still in the era of PS3 games that require installations and/or major chunks of hard drive space. The box for this month's "Skate 2" indicates that it requires 2182 MB. So free some hard drive space if, like MTV Multiplayer, you're running out of room.

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TheColbertinator3622d ago

Its at least better than 5gigs like the sh!tty bioport

wwedx3622d ago

the only reason ps3 games is beacuse the games are blu-ray and blu-rays read at a lower speed than DVDS

jwatt3622d ago

Yea Blu Ray does read slower but there are some games that don't have installs and loads just fine. Midnight club didn't have any instals and the load times are pretty good.

-EvoAnubis-3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Skate 2 - Good looking multiplat game - 2GB install.

Killzone 2 - Best looking game on any home gaming console ever (ps3 exclusive) - No install.

I think I've made my point.

Edit: And do the research; for the most part, read speeds on Blu-Ray are faster than DVD9, and remain consistent no matter what layer or disk position the data is on.

Cajun Chicken3622d ago

Heeeeeellllllllo, Uncharted.

Snow3622d ago

Actually,Dvd's read speed fluctuates while Blu-ray's remains constant.

Technically Blu-ray can run games without installs perfectly fine.
Uncharted:Drakes fortune,Resistance 2 & Killzone 2 say Hi!
It's a matter of how talented the dev team using the blu-ray disc are.

At 2x Blu-ray can read as fast as 12x DVD's minimum read speed. At just
3x Blu-ray is comparable to DVD at 12x; through the first half of the
disc 3x Blu-ray is faster, through the second half of the disc 12x DVD
is faster.
And at only 4x Blu-ray manages to best a 12x DVD's maximum read speed
by 9%.

That pretty much sums it up ! By the way,i didn't disagree with you.

acedoh3622d ago

Hopefully they have addressed the frame rate issues they had in the first. I find it strange that after two years some of these developers don't know how to maximize the PS3... I think the main problem is developers put the PS3 second and don't care about getting the most out of it. You would think if a game was capable of selling over a million on the PS3 the developer would put more into it...

wil4hire3622d ago

Stomped on his throat over and over and over again..
Called his mother up on the phone, and sent her pictures of him doing so
at the same time, a bird crapped on wwex's head. Beautiful..



Yea a Multiplatform game, that looks the same as the first one...

"Finally, it's worth noting how Skate 2 looks now that it has entered the final stage of polish. In short, the graphics won't immediately strike you as being better than those in the first game,.." - gamespot.

requires an install...


doesn't require one.

Oh my God I love how KZ2 is the only response PS3 owners need now on N4G. the only thing people can do is talk about everything outside of how the game wipes the floor with everything.

But I wonder how big the OPTIONAL install is on NXE, I'm betting... 6 gigs, and you still need a disc.

'buh buh at least the option is there!" lol. Who cares? Everyone installs games to lower the loading times. E V E R Y O N E.

Aaron Greenterd3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Can you guys feel the disdain from, who by the way is owned by Viacom/CBS (Metacritic, CNET, Gamespot, etc..) who have a private Content Distribution Agreement with MS worth $500 million. Anyway....

Let me rephrase what they are saying:

"Fellow ps3 haters, this is a "public service announcement" that if, like us, you hate the ps3, and your 60 GB is full (like always), then you are gonna have to delete stuff like we are (who cares, right? its ps3 stuff) so you can install the game. or you could just buy the 360 version."

Quote: "Gamers are still in the era of PS3 games that require installations and/or major chunks of hard drive space."

FYI to MTV Blog, gamers are still in the era of paying for online connectivity, and paying 3 times the normal amount for a hard drive, which doesn't come standard btw.

p.s. I tried to install BioShock on my 360 and it said it needed 6.1 GB of space, do I want to clear space. That's half of my 20 GB (Read: 13 GB) 360 hard drive, so I couldn't install it, which makes it not even an option. Where is the "public service announcement" for this?

Screw you MTV, we can see what you are trying to do.

wil4hire3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

lol greenturd. You are so absurd. N4G Is going to be overrun by 'make me feel good 360' stories until all the PS3 owners leave around late feb. I mean, there is no game news... oh wait wait..

No, MS "always" releases unexpected major games coming out in the year at E3. Like Gears2 and..

uhm.. Lips...

You're In The Movies..

Wii's Avatars... and uhm.. Walking to your PC to cut on Netflix...

So if 2008 was anything like 2009:

Alan Wake(omg! so looking forward to this one on my PC.)
Halo Fishing.

-EvoAnubis-3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. I don't know wwedx, and I wasn't here to "pwn" anyone or anything like that. I was just correcting a myth. And I'm also not here to say that MTV Multiplayer are "teh fanboyz" or anything like that . . . while I disagree with the concept of a game install being news, it is at least relevant information.

Now, if we were talking about Kotaku or Gamespot, then hell yeah they're fanboys and both harbor an odd hatred for the PS3 (Kotaku in particular), but that's not the case.

Edit: to everyone that's disagreeing with this, the video comment is for you.

chaosatom3622d ago

Can I delete that?

I won't be playing Bioshock again, so I don't need it, but I have all the game saves.

-EvoAnubis-3622d ago

Yeah, you can delete it. Just be aware that if you ever do play it again, you'll have to reinstall it.

sonarus3622d ago

Now if this was only a game that mattered

Gue13622d ago

The X360 is more powerful- Killzone 2
The PS3 needs install for all its games - Killzone 2

BrianC62343622d ago

That's not really true. Blu-ray doesn't mean the game has to be stored on the hard drive. It's just one way of doing things with a multiplatform game. If you're upset over losing drive space do what I did and install a 320GB hard drive. I really don't care about this issue.

The Great Melon3621d ago

Hasn't it been said before that blu ray is faster around outside edge of the disk because it has a constant angular velocity? With the angular velocity being constant the information on increasing distances from the center having increasing velocities?

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Parapraxis3622d ago

This is not news, PS3 owners can look at the back of the box or look the game up online for this info. there's nothing "newsworthy" about f'n game installs.

Are there stories for PC games that require installs?


"Yawn"...Off topic.

Any one still in awe after watching Ballet Of Death video... :)

theEnemy3622d ago

news regarding the install size of PC Games.

Ironic isn't ?

Lucas223622d ago

does fallout 3 require hard drive install? i dont really mind the install

PirateThom3622d ago

Fallout 3 does (3.5GB?), but it's quite smart about it. It has a longer than normal load the first time you play, but does most of the installation in the background as you start playing the game.

Aclay3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Skate 2 requires 2GB of Hard drive space? That's nothing to me. I've got 20GB of space still left in my 60 gig PS3, If I ever run low, I'll just slap in a 250 or 320 Gig.

Hmmmm..... I wonder how large the Optional Hard drive installation for Skate 2 on the Xbox 360 is.... I'm willing to bet that it's more than 2 Gigs. ;)

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