DC Universe Online Gameplay Video

An interesting video showcasing the new movement mode Acrobatic, which enables you to perform air dashes, double jumps, and wall climb. Also shows some basic character creation and attack animations.

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TIKUP3626d ago

is this the pc version or ps3 one?
because it says L2 AND R2 on the screen bit
but i think i hear a mouse in the background?
anyone know which one it is???

cabalero3626d ago

i think its the PS3 version

Lou-Cipher3626d ago

Maybe we can use Keyboard and mouse throgh the PS3 version?

MasFlowKiller3626d ago

Is there going to be a monthly charge?

40cal3626d ago

This game looks good. I just hope the world has a lot of depth.

DC Universe, I'm keeping my eye on you!

Dose anyone know if PS3 gamers and PC gamers will play together like with UTIII?

Play B3yond.

Pennywise3626d ago

UT3 did not have cross platform play. Epic talked a bunch of trash about this happening and then miraculously found reasons why it wouldnt work.

I hope they enable KB/M and make DC cross platform.

40cal3626d ago

I had thought that I read that it did from Epic? Oh well.

DC Universe still looks good though.

akiraburn3626d ago

40Cal, According to Sony's dev team for The Agency, that game is supposed to be cross platform, I would imagine that this will be also. Epic just didn't want to implement cross platform play, as that would have taken too much time, but it is entirely possible. Just look at FFXI, that was on PS2 and PC cross platform. And I have a feeling they will allow KB/M setup. It seems to make sense that if they can get it working in UT3, they should have no problem here.

And @Maverick, what MMO's do you see a lot of cheating or hacks in? I've played FFXI, WoW, LOTR:Online, EQ2, and a handful of other MMOs and I have never run into a real hacker that can figure out how to manipulate the incoming and outgoing packets to change their data, and not somehow get caught and banned. The last online PC game I remember seeing anything like that happen in was Diablo 2. But that's just my experience, and if you have seen any hacks or anything in a recent MMO, I would be interested in hearing about it.

maverick11913626d ago

Dose anyone know if PS3 gamers and PC gamers will play together like with UTIII?

i hope not 40Cal everyone just hacks the game for PC and puts weird modes on and stuff it spoils it

Doppy3626d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks good enough graphically. I was going to give it some slack since its and MMO, but the game look fine. It looks like a cross between Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Crackdown, which is weird, but still looks sick.

Gameplay seems varied and I just can't wait for this to come out. I've never been a fan of MMO's, because I've never been a true PC gamer, but I hope this or the Agency will be my first.


Baka-akaB3626d ago

I love this game already . There were two sore spots for me :

I dont like the DCU , except for a few batman and green lantern related stuff , but it's a fully customisation super hero based game , and well even if i hate the guy and prefer everything Marvel , in a game teaming up with Supes is fine and fun enough .

The other sore spot , and maybe i'll be alone with this , are some of the animations ... it's vastly improved and i love the way speedsters moves , but i cant shake that weird vibe about cars and heavy items .

I know that a car could feel light in the hand of a strong hero , however i dont get the "its a car its heavy but it child's play for him" , but rather he is just lifting a plastic toy .
It feels like some of the physics that appeared with early use of havok and interractive items and furniture . The worst part of those animation are when they smash the car on an ennemy . transparency is good and useful , but combined with the animation .. it's even more a plastic toy , especially when it doesnt deform and buckles under the hit , but just goes pouff after a few hits .

Baka-akaB3626d ago

I dunno if they'd give K/M support , except maybe for chatting purposes .
Remember than the core version for the gameplay , the one that dictates the flow and mechanics of the game is the ps3 one .
Obviously pc gamers will be able to pick a pad like most games and might actually play it better with a pad , but i dunno about the other way around .

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