Pachter: PS3 at $299 in April, Xbox 360 Price Cut to Follow

Most industry pundits would tell you that the PlayStation 3 has been trailing the competition largely because of its hefty price tag. Pachter, however, believes the $399 price point will finally come down to $299 in just a few months. Microsoft is likely to drop its price on the 360 as well.

"Once the PS3 is at a more affordable price point (we expect a cut to $299 in April), we think that sales of that device will once again begin to grow. We expect another cut in price for the Xbox 360, with the feature-laden Pro model likely to come down in price to $249 at or before this year's E3 show in June. We expect Nintendo to maintain Wii pricing at $249 until the company sees signs that demand is slowing, which means a price cut may not happen until late in the year, if at all," Pachter said.

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Killzonegamer833621d ago

Oh boy, not this guy again. Where are the rest of his 360 fanboy buddies that he bashes the PS3 with on the bonus round?! I swear that show should be called "360 round" because almost every episode they are drinking the 360 kool aid while bashing the crap out of the PS3..

I do agree with him however that sony will definitley cut the price sooner rather than later considering by march they will be making a small profit

rucky3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Actually I think Patcher's more pro-Wii than anything else. It's probably coz he perfectly fits the demographic the Wii has been aiming for.

DA_SHREDDER3621d ago

The Wii is totally overpriced. I cant believe people actually pick it over the 360 at a higher price point.

Mahr3621d ago

"We expect the dominant console at the end of the next cycle to be Sony PlayStation 3, primarily due to our assessment that Sony will win the high definition DVD format war. Ultimately, we see Sony winning the console war with 36% of the market, with Nintendo capturing second place at 34% and Microsoft finishing third at 30%"

"during the first half of 2009, sales for Sony will begin to look up as consumers show interest in exclusive titles and Blu-ray capabilities"

If that's PS3 bashing, I'm kind of curious as to what constitutes praise for the system. o-o

3621d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Mahr: Haven't you learned yet?

If you ciitical of the PS3 you are paid off by MS or 360 bias. Doesn't matter if it's true or not, it's the excuse that counts.

If you bash the 360 or the Wii you are speading knowledge btw.

It's all rather mental.

Parapraxis3620d ago

Mahr, that's all well and good, but I really think you need to catch up on a few episodes of The Bonus Round.

Sevir043620d ago

a fire sale to spur on a momentary sales boost during the dry months to phase out a model and then late september early october they willdrop the price of the ps3 and introduce a newmodel running on 65/65nm Cell/RSX hardwareand make profit out of the gate with that model.MS i dont think they'll drop the price, they just did. it'llbe too soon to do it. they may just have a fire sale but that'llbe it.

This year Sony willbe in a better shape at competing with MS and Ninty.

pumpkinpunker3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

and he's been wrong so far. he thought the PS3 would ousell the 360 in 2008, approaching a 25 million console base by the end of 2008 and would be behind the 360 by about 2-3 million at the start of 2009. then he turned around once the 360 beat the PS3 in July '08 and came up with a whole new stupid prediction which was more correct but you never know with him. the truth is that the 360 is approaching an 8 million console lead, sold more in 2008, and is still selling more in 2009. the guy is clueless and probably should just shut up by now.

sony is slowly going under and there will be no price cut in the near future for the PS3. can I have Pachter's job?

prunchess3620d ago

You pay for quality. Sony would be mental to drop the PS3 price before the console starts making a decent profit margin.

MS are going to make the 360 cheaper! It couldn't look any cheaper! They should try to make it less expensive.

marinelife93620d ago

Nostradamus Pachter is not.

I actually disagree with Pachter. I don't think Sony will drop the price on it even though they should. The dollar/yen has dropped another 2% just since Sunday almost 30% total in the past two years. That's really horrible luck for Sony.

That's probably why Sony has been pointing out the superior value of the PS3 again.

Mahr3620d ago

"I really think you need to catch up on a few episodes of The Bonus Round."

Maybe so -- never watched it. Does he pull some sort of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde switch between print media and video media and go from talking about how Blu-ray and exclusive titles will make the PS3 popular and successful in the long-run to instead talking about how terrible he thinks the system is?

Aaron Greenterd3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

"Mahr: Haven't you learned yet?

If you ciitical of the PS3 you are paid off by MS or 360 bias. Doesn't matter if it's true or not, it's the excuse that counts.

If you bash the 360 or the Wii you are speading knowledge btw.

It's all rather mental."

----------------------------- --------------

Wow, lets begin with spelling. It's terrible. Maybe you can start reading the ads on Live and learn how to use your words like a big boy.

Secondly, this is just more propaganda from MS. How the hell does Patcher know that the ps3 is going to be $299 in April? He can't even tell you what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, or in 10 minutes. Just like Greenberg and his price cut theory's, MS is doing all they can to slow ps3 sales because they are afraid of KZ2.

Third, GiantEnemyCrab, what makes you think you can crawl out of your hole and start popping off again? You and your bunch have lost control of the ideas on this site. Nobody believes the things you 360 fanboys say anymore; it's so delusional that you guys alienate your own fanbase.

Get back to the shadows where you belong. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!

edit @ below, I will decide who is a ps3 fanboy, and Patcher is just an idiot. He's not smart enough to be a ps3 fanboy, so you trolls can have him, k? You're welcome.

mint royale3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I remember in 2007 he refused to belive the ps3 would continue to be outsold by the wii. On this site you can't breathe a word against sony without being called a fanboy whilst nintendo and microsoft bashing is just treated as normal. Its quite sad but what can you do when fanatical supporters of a company all gather on 1 site :)

EDIT: lol @above - someone who claims in every article that MS have payed them/bribed them/ slayed their children and then calls other people delusional. Wheres any evidence of MS doing this? I can't wait to see it but somehow I think i'm going to be disappointed.

Also have any of you thought that when patcher has been bashing the ps3 recently it is justified? It has had quite a few rough months in the same way that when he bashed the 360 earlier on in the year he was justified in doing that too. The only console he has bashed that didn't deserve it was the wii which has never had any problem with sales yet he has constantly predicted its doom.

EDIT: @ above - i'm not a troll and I don't want him. I don't want to discuss sales over breakfast thank you. Although I think you and him may get on better than you think Mr. Greenturd :)

HDgamer3620d ago

This guy is full of shat. I mean the 360 goes to let's see $100 because of Rick Pachter who doesn't play games but only looks at sales.

Aaron Greenterd3620d ago

Oh you 360 fans are trying aren't hate what I have to say, especially the small group of hardcore 360 fanboys still holed up here.

Lets start class, shall we? You 360 kids call Patcher (I call him that because he is constantly patching his predictions) is a ps3 fanboy, yet I see it differently. He is just like the SDF, in that he is a ruse. He appears to be pro-ps3 with some of his headlines, but behind all that he hates the ps3, and makes these ridiculous predictions that the ps3 cannot attain, which makes Sony look bad in the end.

Now let's look at a quote: "We expect another cut in price for the Xbox 360, with the feature-laden Pro model likely to come down in price to $249 at or before this year's E3 show in June."

The "feature-laden Pro model"? Excuse me? Please tell me how the Pro 360 model is "feature-laden"....o h you mean like rechargeable controllers? Or free online? orrrr standard wi-fi? or next gen media drive? hell it just recently got a bigger hard drive and HDMI port, which MS said wasn't needed.

Please tell me, 360 faithful, why I should believe him, or you? You guys can login on your alts and give me disagrees, but you cannot address my points. Patcher is a stealth 360 fanboy just like the clowns over at

Anon19743620d ago

You look at his track record on he's at about 60%. As far as videogame analysts go, he's still one of the top guys.

Still, when you think about it, 60%? And he's the expert. What does that say about the unpredictability of the industry?

ChickeyCantor3620d ago

It's kinda obvious, Price won't do anything if consumers don't know what they are getting. I still have to see a commercial from MS that really grabs the casuals...
Their xbox might be below 200 now, but as long people don't know what xbox really is they won't get it.(goes for anything btw)

JeffGUNZ3620d ago

for this idiots shirt, look at it. Salmon colored shirt wearing jerk. I don't care what he predicts, I care what SONY and MICROSOFT predict.

Marceles3620d ago

With the percentage of how wrong Patchet usually is, I wouldnt be surprised is PS3 went to $600. I mean usually when he's wrong, he's wrong by a mile.

Tiberium3620d ago

You're just jealous that you bought your ps3 for $600 and it's going to be $299. Probably not april, but I think more summer/fall, that way they can make the most of the holiday like Microsoft has been doing all along.

Helghast3620d ago

i saw "Pachter" and stopped reading.

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TheColbertinator3621d ago

Pachter says doesn't happen

PS3 will drop to 299-Pachter

Looks like Sony will cut the price to 299 in 2011 at best

360 will go to 249-Pachter

Microsoft scraps 360 and makes 720

Wii Price Unlikely-Pachter

Nintendo announces 149 Wii at E3

CornWithHair3620d ago

Why is Microsoft suddenly so sure about this?

Uneducated Loser3620d ago

i'll pick up a PS3 when it's $199. I don't need a bluray player (download them for free). There are no worth-while games out and all multiplats play better on the 360.

Nathan Drake3621d ago

This is a serious question.'Cause if the Pro is brought down to $250 and the Arcade is at $200,what's the incentive to buy the Arcade model over the Pro Model?Can Microsoft really bring down the Arcade Model to $149 or less?Will Consumers really have faith in buying a $149 Xbox 360 when the only other console out right now that retails for less than $200 is the Ps2...?

Rather than throw in 256MB of Flash Memory into the Arcade Unit,why don't Microsoft phase it out and allow the Pro unit to retail at $199?It's the lack of smart corporate decisions by Microsoft that lead me to believe once the Ps3 is at a sub-300 Price point the Xbox 360 will suffer in sales.

Bnet3433621d ago

The can lower the Elite to $300 and Pro to $250 and leave the Arcade at $200. Maybe they'll throw in free games n stuff.

cheapndirty3621d ago

149.99 arcade and 249 pro. Although at 299.99 for a ps3 I have to say that it makes more sense to pay the extra 50.00 for the ps3.

Or maybe we are looking at 199.99 pro and 129.00 arcade.

I just cant wait for a 99.99 full featured stand alone blu rayer player.

Avto3621d ago

Yeah I doubt Microsoft can bring down the price to 250$ with the HDD and all, but if they will Arcade model will be overpriced and they will have to cut the price for that too, can they do it?

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DrWan3621d ago

I paid 250 + tax + free shipping.

Sony Credit Card.