The Maw is coming to xbox live arcade on Jan, 21st. Hope you have 800points to spare!

The Maw will offer the rare opportunity for players to win a free premium theme as an in-game unlockable. The only way to get the theme (and free gamerpics too) is to play The Maw and find them.

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Cajun Chicken3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

The next quality XBLA title everyone needs. Better get my 200 points topped up. I missed Braid for saving up for this one as I imagined it to have a hefty, price, but this is good.

I have been waiting for this since last summer, even some of the die hard 360 fanboys haven't been watching this as eagle-eyed as I have, as I have posted everytime a little bit of The Maw info comes out and it barely got to 20 degrees.

GiantEnemyCrab3597d ago

Agreed. Didn't HipHop Gamer have the developer on his show not to long back?

Anyway, been watching for this one and I will be picking it up. Good idea to hide the premium theme and gamerpics in it.

Cajun Chicken3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Quick edit:
As I've said before, I like my quality XBLA games and this one is going to explode and suprise people. It looks great and I support the platformer living that bit longer on any nearly any system.
That is where my biased side ends.

Cajun Chicken3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Once another article about The Maw unnoticed.
Jeez, it's all just about Gears, Halo, anti-PS3 propaganda, defending the costs of XBL and sale figures with you lot, isn't it?

khsmooth3596d ago

Where did this game comes from??? It's almost hard to believe that this is an arcade game. I mean with a little more investment time behind this game it could be fleshed out into a full retail game. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on this company Twisted Pixel.

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Emmo3597d ago

I totally missed this one, I hope the game play is as good as it looks on the video.

mintaro3596d ago

This is an arcade game!?

Cajun Chicken3596d ago

Would you look at that! 40 degrees! That's the highest for a 'The Maw' article yet!