Destructoid interview: UGO's Michael McCracken and 1UP's Sam Kennedy

Destructoid writes:
"The UGO acquisition of 1UP throttled the gaming community. The acquisition signaled the end of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the leading videogame magazine. We celebrated the magazine's rich and influential history on our own main page the day we found out that it had been cancelled.

More important than any magazine, were the gifted people that lost their jobs that day. It was the sad, bile-building reality of the deal brokered between the two publishers. The good news is that many writers were retained and given new jobs with UGO.

I recently got an opportunity to do an e-mail interview with Michael McCracken, president of UGO Entertainment, and Sam Kennedy, editorial director at 1UP. We covered a lot of ground -- EGM, podcasts, and 1UP's future -- but most importantly, Kennedy spoke about the people."

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