PlayStation Network by the Numbers

January 12, 2009 - More than two years ago, a little thing known as a PlayStation Network came online. True, it had a rocky start -- an ugly PlayStation Store design, games without voice chat, and so on -- but from that seed, a full-fledged game and video service has grown. Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, Sony was happy to talk a bit about what has been and will be happening on the network -- the video store is a success and there's an update coming to Life with PlayStation -- but today the company opened the floodgates.

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Shadow Flare3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Impressive numbers.
Impressive features.
Impressive services.

We have movies we can buy
We have full-disc games to download
We have free online gaming
We have dedicated servers for first party titles

We have Home

What you got thats so impressive Live?

What's worth my $50? The avatars? The movies i can only rent? Or the peer-2-peer lag filled network? I won't understand why people pay for Xbox Live, other then the fact that its the only console they own, or that all their friends use Live so they HAVE to use live. Tools

Cwalat3627d ago


although i'm pretty sure. MS has a way of brainwashin the ppl. They can't be that ill in the head.

kewlkat0073627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Everything else is alright, compared to what gamers really want...that XBL have had since birth.

You can't beat a Free PSN though but no darn headsets sucks, I swear nobody on PSN have headsets.

--No Cross Game invites on PSN. Chat options are severely limited.

--On Xbox LIVE, you're able to talk to a friend no matter what they're doing.

--On Xbox LIVE, Party Chat(up to 7 people).The party chat channel is managed alongside the game and private chat channels, so you can just flip back and forth between them.

--XBOX LIVE feels much more "united" than PSN. On LIVE, you get the same consistent, smooth, seamless experience on every game.(Forget the, this Dev maintain their own server BS)

--XBL feels like a community, More players, more features, more games(for now) and less hoops to jump through.
--Optional Game installs rawks,

PSN just isn't there yet. Not saying it won't get there but sh!t PSN is still in it’s infancy and needs time to grow. I use both and I see the important difference.

Looking at the stats, the majority of 17 million users of XBL pay for the service which only keeps growing. It really all does come down to personal preference but if you ask me at the end of the day, Xbox Live is well worth its price tag. It's not so much, which one is better since both networks accomplish what it wanted to do(providing online multi-player gaming).

Say to afford XBL ($4.18 month) just cut 3 coffees or 1 fast food takeout meal a month and your straight.

DA_SHREDDER3627d ago

I dont pay nothing for my xbox live gold account. All I do is ask one of my relatives to buy me a 12+1 month gold card for christmas. Voila! No membership fees for me to worry about.

Also, the psn is free, I actually just got off of it a second ago to cook some dinosaur nuggets and fries for me and my kids so I have time to type a comment on here, and I will be going back to hang out with my friend. This is though, the psn is free but its not as good as xbox live. I would beable to chat with my friend right now while im typing this and cooking at the same time, but I cant. Because Im playing on my ps3. I wish he had a 360 too, but I guess Killzone 2 will be worth to justify the psn being free. Live doesn't have Killzone 2.

gambare3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

"--XBOX LIVE feels much more "united" than PSN"

yeah, indeed, every time I speak something in spanish or japanese the bunch of preteen kids unite against me to insult me and tell me how g*y my language and race is. more united yes.. indeed..

there are some aspects of the XBL that the PSN still needs to cover but every update the PSN is getting closer or even superior. even the community is far more mature, some guys I found they joke about being Muslims and no one on the lobby (everyone got mics if you ask) curse them or even made some aggressive comment, everyone just joke about it and laugh and it was a great time because everyone in the room understood that they were joking, in the XBL they would be instantly insulted and reported to ban them.

the only huge difference I found in the XBL is the cross gaming chat and the party chat room, besides that.... I envy nothing on the XBL

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Venomish3627d ago

if I can remember correctly, recent statistics showed that number of PSN users is almost the same as number of xbox Live users. so no, Live doesnt have advantage in number of players. only advantage is the more friendly chat options.

Bubble Buddy3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

"Say to afford XBL ($4.18 month) just cut 3 coffees or 1 fast food takeout meal a month and your straight."

Again with these costs getting cut down to months. Why do people say it's too expensive buy a PS3. It's only $33 a month for a year. Just cut down on your costs. It's not hard to spin prices. I feel the only thing PSN needs left is cross game chat and in-game music for every game. But that's just me.

Sitdown3627d ago

but instead of taking advantage of you are on n4g. Anyhow, why even try to start something with xbox users....cause clearly that is what your post will do. I own a ps3 and wii, and I just purchased Live for $30 off So I say all that to say this.......just enjoy what you have, stop trying to compare..or make yourself feel good by down playing the competitor.

spunnups3627d ago

I laugh at anyone that pays for live and thinks its worth it. XBL=Biggest Ripoff EVER

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wil4hire3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Consider the following:

Yes you can save movies on PS3/PSN. But those movies aren't encoded with Surround Sound. + Xbla

Ingame Music, I dont care if you dont use it. Others do.

Universal Invites, Sony desperately needs this. its beyond retarded that I have to figure out how to do this in all of its release.

VoiceMessaging: "HAHAHAH just wanted to let you know, you got OWNED"

Is that alone worth a premium? Its up to you. But yes, you are paying for what PSN is offering for free. Until PSN offers ALL of what XBLA offers, you cant question it.

The Avatar stuff is tacked on, I do believe everyone knows this though. It was never an intended feature, but it adds that level of custimization that certain players ask for.I think most PS3 soldiers know that PSN is great for what it is, but it could definitely be better, and maybe that little bit of better, is still worth the $. If you want to play online with the Xbox, you need XBLA. Thats why people pay, and all in all. Its only a few bucks that would be spent on some sweet kush anyway.

ravinash3627d ago

Yes PSN can be better, but it is always improving.
See how far it has come in such a short amount of time.

WeaseL3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

Yes we all now how great Xbox Live voice messages are.

sinncross3627d ago

As for voice messages, what is the bet that a firmware update will add this feature to the PSN... for free?

sinncross3627d ago


That was funny, and embarrassing for the sender :D

VMAN_013627d ago

I use this saying for people who use Steam. If steam can do it for free why can't xbox live.

PirateThom3627d ago

Valve know that on PC, they're not the only choice. People have other options, so they offer it free while maintaining the service through their content.

This is why Games for Windows Live failed, but why Microsoft can make a fortune on 360. If you offer no alternative, people will pay.

PotNoodle3627d ago

Steam > PSN & XBL

AND ITS FReEeeEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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