Znet: The iPhone "nano" makes no sense to me

Znet's Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes: "I keep hearing rumors that Apple is getting ready to launch an iPhone "nano" in China. Problem is, an iPhone "nano" makes little sense.

I'm not going to dwell too long on the idea of a "nano" iPhone because all these rumors and speculation seem to lead back to analysts or pundits who think that a "nano" form-factor iPhone makes sense. But it doesn't. Here's why …"

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Cat3625d ago

First problem, I don't see the release of an "iPhone nano" in China being anything more than a knockoff. Other than that, I think the author is overlooking the simple fact that consumers interested in a nano model would not expect or desire identical features to the iPhone, much like how the MacBook Air is not designed for the same folks that use MacBook Pros.

cmrbe3625d ago

slimmer IPhone but not a nano. It will be hard to use the keyboard if it gets smaller frame wise.

Tony240ZT3625d ago

I just can't imagine talking into a slim credit card. It's already pretty small for my hand

theEnemy3625d ago

I stopped reading at "me".

Millah3625d ago

Its not likely. If anything, Apple might slim down the iPhone for the next model to replace the 3G in June, but I highly doubt they would release a whole new product altogether. Not likely if you know how Apple works. The point of the iPod nano when it was introduced was to offer a cheaper alternative to the iPod with less memory. Doesn't apply to the iPhone now, there would be no reason for them to offer an iPhone with the same features but just a smaller size.

Eiffel3625d ago

Its apple what do you expect?

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