CES 2009: Who Won the Street Fighter IV Event?

Playstation Blog: "That'd be Team PlayStation, as represented by Joe C. (no relation to this guy) in the CES Street Fighter IV event.

Capcom threw one heck of an event: swank hotel suite, 4 PS3 Street Fighter setups with the official, upcoming Mad Catz arcade sticks and Fight Pads, and a bracket of fighters ready to whup each other up in Street Fighter IV."

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edwineverready3624d ago

If i would live in America i would go to all there events.

uie4rhig3624d ago

"But dude, I wasn't using the 360 controller!! I want a rematch!!"


OGharryjoysticks3624d ago

It was the whole point of the competition

BLuKhaos3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Of course Sony will win.Who the F- plays fighters on the 360?

gaffyh3623d ago

They used different controllers I think, so that the match was fair for both teams.

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meepmoopmeep3624d ago

it would have been cool if Skerj, DarkSniper and Bloodmask were in this tournament

butterfinger3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

did this get approved when literally the exact same article was already posted?

@ TheHater - I tried, dude. lol.

TheHater3624d ago

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by those people

edwineverready3624d ago

Did not see that it was a duplicate.

Venomish3624d ago

yea I commented on the one you posted, soon after it got approved, it disappeared. I couldnt find it in the pending section or the news section.

Parapraxis3624d ago

Venomish, sortthe stories by "Latest"

butterfinger, it happens, not all stories show up on the front page immediately, in the end it's not up to the approvers to find dupes, i'ts up to the submitters.

Also, unless you view N4G's front page by "Latest stories" rather than top stories, the dupe situation can easily occur, and does often.

butterfinger3624d ago

I understand, man. I wasn't trying to call out the approvals as much as I was trying to emphasize that this was clearly submitted as a (most-likely) known duplicate. I apologize to anyone that approved this if they were offended, I was just trying to call it to attention since some contributors chose not to respond/listen to reports:P

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topgeareasy3624d ago

to see which team is better duh!!!!

paracardium3624d ago

If this was team 360..the xbots would be gloating all over the boards. Xbots makes sick and gratz to team ps3 lol.

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