Brand New Interview with the Angry Video Game Nerd

In this interview, the Angry Video Game nerd shares his thoughts about the Nintendo vs Sega Genesis debate, which games he really hates, and also some of his favorite games.

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DDP3504d ago

Zelda Link to the Past IS the best game ever!

Kriller3504d ago

Who did this interview?

tinydancer3504d ago

Who would win in a fight between spiderman and darth vader??? wtf kind of question is that??

Volvobug3504d ago

Vader wins...hands down.

BigSwede3504d ago

spiderman is too fast for vader. spidey wins.

Samus20803504d ago

Vader would choke him out.

thebudgetgamer3504d ago

rorschach would throw them both down an elevator shaft.


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The story is too old to be commented.