The Sounds of Street Fightin'

OXM: "It was a long time coming, but Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was worth it. Our 9.0 review score tells you how highly we think of it, and HD Remix was everything a Chun-Li-fanboy could ask for. Something that stuck out as much as the new character art and Remixed gameplay, however, was the music. The blend of new-era thinking and loyalty to fans' nostalgia fused distorted guitars and groovy bass beats to create a kick-ass soundtrack that you would want to listen to on an iPod.

Because the entire thing was a fan-made effort, tackled by the passionate music-nuts at OverClocked Remix, you can.

The tunes resonated so much with us that we thought we'd catch up with David. W. Lloyd (better known as djpretzel), and Larry "Liontamer" Oji, the soundtrack's Director and Assistant Director, respectively. Lloyd, OC Remix's president and founder, has taken his passion to the professional level, appearing alongside Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, co-creators of Video Games Live. Oji, on the other hand, has handled well over 2,500 fan-made remixes as a judge of nearly five years. Impressive qualities, if you ask us.
But how did these passionate music-lovers come to create a Capcom OST?"

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