Dissidia Set To Oust Crisis Core's Impressive Sales

Much has been made of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. It was in theory every Final Fantasy fan's dream, and it has the potential to even bring in players who might normally be put off by the RPG nature of the series. Given this, it's hardly surprising that Dissidia beat Crisis Core's first week sales figures.

Since then it's gone from strength to strength.

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Selyah3443d ago

Looking very promising, shame its probably gonna be a while before it actually gets out here in the UK.

memots3443d ago

but but but ... teh psp is dying .. goodbye psp?


AriesFury3443d ago

Yep, that's what they said.

Magnus3443d ago

I would not mind if they port this game to the PS2

heyheyhey3443d ago

a fully realized Dissidia on PS3.... now would that be epic or would that be epic?

mephman3443d ago

That would probably sell bucket loads, but it's probably quite unlikely.

Kyll3443d ago

I think that with the success of Dissidia that we'll see another incarnation of it in the future for console, which would be so kick ass.

Flipfito3443d ago

im sure this is going to be one hell of a good game...but better than crisis core...umm i dont know about that one crissi core is one of my favorite game and for me it will take alot for my to think a game is better than Crisis core (I mean from those type of games)

mephman3443d ago

I guess we'll see how good it really is once Western Reviewers start getting their hands on it and post some scores.

Magnus3443d ago

I think the way Square is going this game has a better chance being ported to the 360 before it even dawns the PS3

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