GameCyte CES 09: Mitsubishi, NVIDIA, Sitting in a Tree… Making $199 Active Stereo 3D Impressions

GameCyte writes: "While the highlight of Jesse's first evening in Vegas no doubt involved a force-feedback shotgun and massive hordes of zombies, my introduction to Sin City took a somewhat different form: a gigantic four-legged fire demon with a sword made of lava that - after donning a pair of $200 NVIDIA shutter glasses - seemed to leap right out of the brilliant 73-inch, $2799 Mitsubishi screen.

The rumors are true. NVIDIA's active shutter glasses are nearly here, and even assuming you already have a 3D-Ready HDTV, it's going to cost you a pretty penny to enable the 120 hertz technology they've been touting. But who wants to hear about price? At CES, we finally got to see how the glasses actually feel…"

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