Blu-ray movie releases for the week of February 19th

Not quite the selection of Blu-rays we saw last week, but a couple of new ones to check out.

Blu-ray Movie Releases

*Destiny's Child: Live in Atlanta
*The Prestige
*Vertical Limit

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TheGoodMART4315d ago

I'm going to get Babel this week. I heard that it movie is great, what do you guys think i should get?

achira4315d ago

i heard it is a good movie (unforutnately i didnt see it myself), give it a try.

richie007bond4315d ago

I find that blue ray movies dont seem to be on par with HD DVD,menus and interactivity on hd dvd IS BETTER also hd dvd PQ is more detailed and sharper,blue ray needs to change there codecs from mepeg 2 which is what dvd use today, VC1 is the better codec and i for one wont be buying blue ray untill they match HD DVD

WhEeLz4315d ago

consumers dont care about freakin codecs lol....blu-ray must look better in picture quality...i mean look at the sales

WhEeLz4315d ago

picture quality does look better on blu-ray...what was i