Console Me Review: Sins of a Solar Empire writes: Alas, after several long months we have finally played Sins of a Solar Empire (Sins) enough to formulate an opinion that will do the game justice. During our extremely extended playthroughs we have forged empires, commanded mighty fleets led by our Marza capital ships and obliterated weaker races in our quest for galactic domination. All told, we have managed to sink more that 100 hours into Sins, and we loved every minute of it. As a self-proclaimed Master of Orion II addict (don't even mention Master of Orion III to me) and a dabbler in another Stardock space franchise you may know called Galactic Civilizations II, I came into Sins with high expectations but also a healthy dose of skepticism. I have been let down before by space strategy games that have tried to stake their claim as the true successor to the masterpiece that is Master of Orion (MOO) II…and all have come up short and failed..curse you MOO III. At long last, my search for a MOO successor is over. Sins of a Solar Empire is the real deal.

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