M-Rated Lara Croft Is A Possibility, According To Supposed Ex-Creative Director

Laid-off "Tomb Raider: Underworld" creative director Eric Lindstrom is apparently answering fan questions on a "Tomb Raider" forums and reveals just how close we may be to getting an M-rated Lara Croft.

more info following the link!

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Darkseider3622d ago

If Lara were in a topless scene on a next gen system it would sell like wildfire. Why? Well do the math... 14/15 year old boy + topless Lara Croft = $ALE$

Elven63621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

People tried doing topless Lara remember, even Playboy did and Eidos shut it down in the blink of an eye. AOD could have been on the brink of a M had Eidos not rushed the development of the game, it was setup to be dark, even the promo's for it show that. A shame, first Core Design had to pay for the greed of Eido's, and now Core Design.

Chris3993621d ago

And I don't think that making her look MORE like a prostitute will really help.

- C

Ace_Shooter3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

EIDOS has a rep to keep with lara croft. its like those celebrity sex scandals. if they pose nude their rep is tarnished (to some mind you). i think the same could be said about ms croft. as much as gamers would like to see it, i dont think EIDOS would allow it considering the sales that they get from the franchise. MAYBE they'll consider it after us customers stop buying the game and they need to.....'refresh' the series??;)

The Judderman3622d ago

Considering the games about exploring i don't really see how you can aim for a Mature rating without just adding the odd swear word or splash of blood.
I would rather them try for a more mature story and give Lara a bit of depth than just turn it into tombs of war.

ViceKingz3621d ago

well it could be rated M if you are able to explore certain "areas"....not just tombs...if you know what i mean hehehe

Ace_Shooter3621d ago

or maybe have her explore the jungle in a two piece?? heheh

ViceKingz3621d ago

lol i'd like to explore the "jungle cave", the "moutains" on the front all the way to the peaks of those mountains, and then the "hills and the valley" on the backside. with whipped cream of course ;)

Ace_Shooter3621d ago

vicekingz you motorboatin son of a lol

bobbylii3621d ago

maybe ad some boob physics lika DOA series

Ace_Shooter3621d ago

you got a good thing going there

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K3nY403621d ago

Tomb Raider series is finished so let it go

Dark General3621d ago

Too little too late. Ms Croft is old now. Even if they try to do the next one more gritty and mature themed. I doubt any of the new(er) gamers will flock to it, specially with Uncharted 2 coming out soon.

stephen20053621d ago

I guess thats one way to get people to buy these games....

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The story is too old to be commented.