The Unpublished Last EGM Cover Revealed

Capcom revealed the cover of the un-published EGM cover (Ferbuary 2009). It features Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter IV

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XGRaViSmOrSX3624d ago

would have been better than having that wolverine cover as the last issue....

BananaSlug3624d ago

"The No. 1 Videogame Magazine"

POGfinder3624d ago

should be the worst video game magazine after EDGE

GI is the best magazine followed by Gamepro

Serjikal_Strike3624d ago

that would be Game Informer...

BananaSlug3624d ago

did you even look at the picture?

i am just quoting the words on it

tocrazed4you3624d ago

enough of there bullshit scores that always lower the standards for ps3 exclusives... every damn ps3 exclusive have scored bad with them besides LBP. EVEN MGS4 scored worse than the average

celldomceen13624d ago

gotta give it to GI, but egm was huge when i was a kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.