GameDaily: Resident Evil 5 Impressions

With Resident Evil 5 quickly approaching, Capcom gave GameDaily another taste of its highly anticipated horror fest. Last time they played it, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar were in pursuit of a slimy little guy named Irving, who led their heroes on a wild goose chase through a monster-infested oil refinery; Irving escapes by boat and detonates the refinery. Thankfully, Chris, Sheva and an unnamed investigator manage to secure a speedboat and continue the chase.

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dgroundwater3624d ago

Umm, they say it lacks intensity when you have a partner. Maybe they should consider the option of a difficulty switch? I hope there is such a feature after all.

gabeh10183624d ago

when the author used the word "intensity", i believe he was referring to how having a partner now reduces the overall scare/alone factor that the first few games had.

ia_studio3624d ago

everyone remember re0 you had a partner