What Happened to 1UP

1UP writes: "By now, everyone in the games world has heard what happened to EGM and 1UP this past week. We lost one of the world's most important gaming magazines – one that many of us grew up on, and the main reason several of us, myself included, now do this as a profession – and 1UP faced massive layoffs while getting bought by Hearst Corporation and UGO. This was the hardest week of our lives.

I'm not usually one to show emotion, but I welled up with more tears this week than in all of my prior 29 years combined. Walking through the desolate GameVideos area and thinking about all the memories we had there, seeing Andrew Pfister's face after he got the news -- after all that he'd been through recently and the fact that this was the second time Ziff Davis had done this to him -- seeing Ryan Scott walking out the door with his bag packed up, waving goodbye…I lost it so many times this week. Guys, it's been absolutely the worst week for us. I kept on thinking that it must be some sort of nightmare, and that next week I'd be able to wake up and it would all be back to normal. "

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chaosatom3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

Quote from article
"1UP isn’t just going to change its editorial standards or change our approach to covering games "

Aww man, they will still be promoting Anti-sony propaganda and saying that ps3 is dead. I will keep them on my ignore list.

wil4hire3596d ago

Who cares?

Your shoes will be filled by the next biased-bs-non-professional-jou rnalist-college-graduate-gaming -website.

I thought the guys from 1up already started another blog..err.imean company..